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Do you dream of giving yourself an it-bag for a day? It’s not impossible, just rent it!

Mini bags

While waiting to be able to afford even just one, on the occasion of special events we can treat ourselves to designer bags thanks to bag renting

Difficult if not impossible to get tired of it-bags just as it is really complicated to keep up with the limited editions, revised and corrected, revisited, also because the wallet has its say, but having a visceral passion for designer bags is a mania that can be managed in some way. Bag renting services, increasingly widespread, can be decisive in more than one occasion and circumstance: the dream of wearing an it-bag for a day out of passion, dream or necessity. Just like for Cinderella, the magic will last for a few hours, but at least we will take home the wonderful feeling of having had a Gucci Bamboo or a Birkin on our arm! Let's see immediately how.

Designer handbag rental: how the phenomenon was born and why it is having success

The phenomenon in question cannot be labeled as a simple whim of the moment. At the base there is a pinch of green attitude , which pushes towards healthy and intelligent recycling thanks to which a garment or an accessory can experience a second life if their destiny is to remain in the wardrobe but there is also a question projected on the here and now. This is the sharp increase in the prices of the designer handbags market.

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In fact, there are not a few brands that have openly announced an increase such as Versace , who like Chanel have clearly raised their prices post pandemic, putting consumers in crisis who in any case invent a hundred of them in order to cushion the blow but not give up. And bag renting seems to be the best compromise that could be found, so much so that a further increase in the phenomenon is estimated from last year to the present, with an annual growth rate of 10.2%.

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Where to rent the it-bags and how much the rent costs

The Birkin of Hermès, Jodie of Bottega Veneta, Cleo of Prada, Chanel 2.55 , they are the most desired iconic it-bags to rent and whose high-sounding name to the possibility of being able to touch them for a day or maybe for a week already give goosebumps to a fashion addicted. Of course, the rent is not without sacrifice, but having a Chanel bag for 250 euros a week is certainly more sustainable than buying it.

If the idea seems more than convincing to you to test around Christmas or maybe trying to rent an it-bag for an upcoming party, the names to write down for a safe rental service that offers you the possibility to choose between more models, there are Rent Your Wish , with more than 150 available models made available to everyone by Niccolò Mugnaini, who draws directly from his mother's wardrobe and is the founder of the platform.

Then follows Bag It Milano , active since 2021 and which allows rental for three days – how about a rental for 24-25-26 December to give a special touch to your holiday look? -, while the spotless and fearless enthusiasts will love Rent Fashion Bag which offers a minimum spending subscription to build customer loyalty and always offer them a discounted price. An opportunity that can also be transformed into an original gift idea for yourself or for your best friend!

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