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Do you have a ball near your groin? That’s when you should see your doctor

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What to do if you find you have a lump near your groin? The causes can be different, but it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Self-examination is essential, not only for what concerns the breast. It is also in the groin because it could help you discover an enlarged lymph node in time. How do you recognize it? Simple, it's a small ball near the groin. It should be stressed, however, that this protuberance could also indicate other problems.

Lump near groin: causes and symptoms

Have you discovered that you have a lump near your groin? Without panicking, this condition needs to be brought to the attention of your doctor as soon as possible. It could, in fact, be the alarm bell of various problems, some of little importance while others are quite serious. From an enlarged lymph node to a simple pimple, passing through a cyst or an ingrown hair: the ball near the groin could indicate various conditions. Generally, if it's smaller than a walnut and soft to the touch, it shouldn't be a concern, but you should still seek medical advice.

In order to locate inguinal lymph nodes it is recommended to proceed with self- examination . It's very simple: with your fingertips, make a circular movement on the groin area. By doing this you will identify any more swollen areas. If you feel a ball, it could indicate an ongoing infection, injury or trauma, or a tumor . Usually, if it is an infection, the affected part will go down on its own, without special treatment. If not, it could be lymphoma. In the latter condition, fever, tiredness and sweating could also be accused.

Cystitis problems

Ball near the groin: how to act?

However, the ball in the groin could also indicate an inguinal hernia or a groin swelling . In any case, the first thing to do, especially when the problem does not disappear within a few days, is to contact your doctor. Most likely, the specialist will recommend an ultrasound scan, blood tests and, in doubtful cases, a biopsy. If the cyst is near the intimate areas, a gynecological visit will be necessary.

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