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Do you have short hair? Here’s how you should dress: the best looks

Blonde girl with short hair

Practical and casual, short hair is the most loved hair trend of the moment: we learn from the stars which outfits to enhance them with.

It is said that when a woman cuts her hair there is a hidden meaning: the desire to change, to close a chapter of life or simply to experiment and see ourselves in a different way by trying a new trend! These and others are some of the reasons why those who have always wore long hair decide to try a short cut, to give our physiognomy a new light. And if you are wondering which look can best marry your short hair, here are some outfits stolen directly from the stars who have recently or always wore short hair.

Short hair, what to wear: the neck is in the foreground, between necklines and collars

From Audrey Hepuburn and Twiggy to Lady Diana, from Francesca Michielin to Kaia Gerber , there are many icons and stars of yesterday and today who have made short hair a strong point, enhancing them by choosing the most casual outfits and looks. Whether it’s a classic bob, a bob or a very short cut, short hair highlights the features of our face even more, and that’s why we play a lot with make-up.

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Twiggy has a lot to teach us in terms of beauty, but also fashion: the neck in fact is all to be discovered , to be enhanced with maxi pearl necklaces – super trend of the season -, to be shown or embellished by wearing turtlenecks or round necklines. Or, as Francesca Michelin teaches us magnificently, we enhance the collar with special shirts and cardigans with a maxi triangle collar . A detail that has been omnipresent in the singer’s look ever since she cut her hair.

– Passionate fan of armhole sweaters – and let’s get ready to bring out the white and sexy ribbed ones with the arrival of summer – is Kaia Gerber , master in showing us the sporty and casual looks to wear with short hair: sporty tops to match wide blazers to play with lengths , but also hooded sweatshirts with a wide neckline are the must-haves of Cindy Crawford’s daughter.

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Short, flared or romantic chic dresses: legs and shoulders to discover

To create a sexy contrast, short hair with a more masculine allure especially likes to combine short dresses to create playful combinations. We can start, for example, with romantic chic dresses : floral and polka dot prints, silk or chiffon fabrics , transport us to vintage and extremely elegant combinations like those that we can steal from Lady D’ s wardrobe.

– From the r evenge dress , which reveals legs, shoulders and the neck embellished with a maxi collier with a stone in the center, to the one-shoulder dresses, Diana is the undisputed icon to steal an inspirational look from ser to perfect for those with short hair.

– For those looking for something more sexy , we can only let ourselves be inspired by Elodie . The singer wore short hair for some time and in her case the masculinity of the short hair is enhanced by a blazer dress with pronounced shoulders, for a very glam and androgynous touch.

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