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Do you know how to clean the air fryer?

A practical guide with all the useful tips on how to clean your air fryer.

The air fryer is one of the most convenient and efficient appliances on the market, and is present in more and more people's homes. With the air fryer it is possible to prepare many more recipes than you think, which makes it an extremely versatile tool. However, like all household appliances, this one also needs to be cleaned in order to function properly. It seems like an impossible feat, but fear not: with these tips (and a few tricks), you'll learn how to clean your air fryer.

The basic rules of how to clean your air fryer

One of the first things to check when cleaning an air fryer is to check that it is completely cold . This rule is followed both for a matter of safety , but above all because, otherwise, the appliance could be damaged . Furthermore, you have to wait for it to cool down on its own , without passing it under running water for example. In that case, it could happen that the still hot parts of the external body , made of plastic, break due to the thermal shock .

Next, it's good to ask yourself how often the air fryer should be cleaned. The answer is that it depends on the piece of the fryer itself. For example, parts such as the external one, the basket , the grill and the cooking chamber should be washed after each use . For the grill and the areas close to it, on the other hand, the frequency with which to wash them is less .

Finally, a useful tip regarding the basket is to leave it to soak in the sink. Soak it in hot water and dish soap , especially if there are traces of stubborn grease inside.

Cleaning the basket and the outside

In many (but not all) air fryer models, the basket is dishwasher safe. However, always check the instructions for your fryer. In general, after you've finished cooking, it's a good idea to pick up any dirt or oil. As for the basket, if it cannot be placed in the dishwasher, simply wash it by hand with hot soapy water .

Furthermore, if the basket has stubborn dirt stains, you can leave it to soak in the sink. For cleaning, on the other hand, the outside of the air fryer , the procedure is much simpler. Just use a soft , damp cloth on the surface, and then dry it completely.

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How to clean the resistance

The heating element is also a part of the air fryer that needs cleaning. In fact, this is the part that gets the most dirty during cooking. To clean it, simply remove the basket from the fryer, turn the appliance upside down and clean the heating element with a damp sponge .

If you don't want to use dish soap, just dip the sponge you want to use in a mix of water and lemon (or water and vinegar ). Once the resistance has been cleaned, dry it thoroughly.

A trick against bad smells

It is not strange that, after cooking certain foods, the air fryer has bad smells inside. To eliminate them, just use a lemon . Cut it in half and rub it inside the basket. After it has acted for about half an hour, rinse and dry well.

Instead of lemon it is also possible to use vinegar . Prepare a solution of one part vinegar to five parts water. Put it on the bottom of the basket and turn on the air fryer at a temperature of 180-200° . When the solution has almost completely evaporated, turn off and dry.

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