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Do you know that crying is good for you? Here’s why and what it’s for

Roll your eyes

It is often said that crying is good but few really know why. Here's what you need to know about it.

Many people wonder if crying is really good for you or if it is just one of the many things that are heard around without real bases to support. Even if you do not always notice it, it is in fact an instinctive gesture , which occurs from birth and which can be activated both in moments of joy and in those of pain.
In fact, there are different types of crying . And it seems that in all cases it is something positive.

Is crying good or bad? The truth according to science

Let's start by saying that crying is always to be considered as something positive when seen as a reaction to a situation that can be happy, sad or painful.

Roll your eyes
Roll your eyes

Crying, in fact, is good for anxiety and helps the body to get rid of stress .
Unlike what we often hear around, therefore, crying is not for weak but rather represents an act of force pushed by an organism capable of looking after itself and acting for its own well-being.

There are also several studies that prove that crying is good for depression and other mood-related problems. Once the emotional tension has been discharged (regardless of its nature), in fact, a situation of greater mental clarity is reached and one is able to see things in a different and more positive way. Which, of course, is good in several respects.

What happens when you cry

Going more into the technicality of action, crying has several functions that serve the body. First of all, as already mentioned, it relieves tensions and helps to vent emotions that would otherwise be difficult to contain and manage. Furthermore, through crying, concentration and creativity are stimulated.

Physically, you get eye lubrication that tends to improve vision and avoid dry eyes . The sensations of pain are attenuated by the calming hormones that are triggered every time you cry and the pressure is kept under control. In fact, tears contain salt.

All this is combined with a dupurative and calming action and able to reconcile sleep. Whether you cry for joy, sadness or because of stress and pain, immediately afterwards you feel calmer and calmer. A sensation that is the result of everything that is triggered in the body and that, by itself, is a sign of how crying is actually good for health.

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