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Does chamomile make you fat? Pay attention to the product label

chamomile tea

Does chamomile make you fat or lose weight? Let's find out the real answer to one of the most common dilemmas ever.

Rich in beneficial properties, chamomile is one of the most used plants in the world. Useful for combating various problems, including insomnia, this herbal tea is also recommended for losing weight. Many, however, are skeptical: let's see, therefore, if chamomile makes you fat or lose weight.

Does chamomile make you fat? The truth

When it comes to chamomile tea, almost everyone asks the question: does it make you fat or lose weight? We assume that this plant boasts important beneficial properties and that its dry extract, unless you have an allergy, has no contraindications. Having made this brief but necessary clarification, let's go back to the bomb: does chamomile make you fat? Absolutely not, as long as it is purchased pure .

Basically, the chamomile that you buy in a herbalist 's shop or that you pick in the fields does not add calories. The situation is different when the product is bought in supermarkets, where there are infusions that contain other ingredients in addition to the plant. Some, for example, may contain sugar. Therefore, if you decide to go shopping in a large store, always read the label carefully. The right product has only one ingredient: chamomile.

Chamomile for weight loss: how much to take?

Having at least one cup of chamomile tea a day is recommended for everyone, not just those who decide to lose weight. The dry extract of this plant allows you to deflate the belly, sleep better, go to the toilet more easily, facilitate digestion and lower blood pressure. Rich in potassium and calcium, chamomile helps you lose weight because it facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body and helps to feel less hungry.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in addition to chamomile, the diet must be balanced and combined with a little physical activity . Otherwise, the scale needle will not drop by one gram.

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