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Does fruit make you fat? Here’s what’s important to know


Let's find out if it is true that fruit makes you fat, what to eat and how to manage its consumption.

Many people wonder if fruit makes you fat, mistakenly thinking that the underlying problem is the calories in fruit that make you fat. In reality, this kind of food does not directly lead to weight gain. If consumed incorrectly, however, it can affect blood sugar levels and, in the long run, also interfere in weight gain. As often happens when it comes to food, it is therefore very important to learn how to manage it. In this way, in addition to staying healthy , you can also keep the line.

What's true in the thought that too much fruit makes you fat

As already mentioned, fruit as a food does not make you fat.


If you only ever choose the one that is too sugary and end up consuming it alone and in large quantities, it can however raise your blood sugar levels. And this, in the long run, can lead (as well as health problems) to gain weight. To rest assured, just eat the fruit with balance and without exaggerating. Just like for any other food.

In particular, it can be useful to consume it in a balanced way and therefore close to foods containing lean proteins or good fats. These, in fact, manage to keep blood sugar levels stable even in the presence of sweet foods.

Which fruits are more sugary than others

Now that we have that looking for which fruits make you fat is not exactly correct, we can focus on those richer in sugars and which, therefore, should be eaten in moderation .

These include dates, bananas, coconut and grapes. Obviously these are foods that although more sugary are still edible without too many worries. However, the extra fructose content can raise blood sugar more easily. This is why it is better to always consume them with some attention, without exaggerating and trying as much as possible to balance them. In this way the fruit can be consumed without problems. Which will allow you to make more meals

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