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Does melon make you fat? Here’s everything you need to know


With the arrival of summer, wondering if melon makes you fat is very common. Let's find out what the truth is and how to eat it without problems.

When you are on a diet, doubts about the consumption of food for consumption are more than normal. And with the arrival of the hottest days, one of the most popular is the one on the melon that makes you fat. A question that many ask themselves especially about the yellow melon which is often appreciated both as a fruit at the end of a meal and for a single dish, especially if accompanied by ham. So here's what you need to know about it and how to behave in the presence of this coveted and in some ways feared fruit .

Melon and diet: what you need to know

Let's start by saying that for those wondering if yellow melon makes you fat, the answer is comforting.
It is in fact a fruit with few calories and which contains a lot of water, which is why it is fully included among the foods that can also be eaten on a diet and which in summer are to be considered healthy as they are able to provide hydration to the body .


Having said that, it is important to remember that it is a fruit and that, as such, it therefore has sugars. Its consumption, as for any other fruit, must therefore be moderate.
A different story should be made instead for those who wonder if ham and melon make you fat.
The presence of ham, in fact, (always if not in exaggerated quantities) tends to change things. Although it is always recommended to consume carbohydrates and proteins together, ham is a sausage and as such contains a lot of salt. For this reason, being within a diet could lead to water retention.

Obviously, if eaten from time to time and in the right quantities, this combination is also possible. Eating it every day, on the other hand, could actually lead to weight gain. So how to eat melon in summer? Fortunately, the answer is simpler than you think and even turns out to be delicious and declinable in many variations.

How to eat melon to lose weight

Returning to the melon and how to eat it even when you are on a diet, as already mentioned, it is very important to pay attention to the quantities.
If eaten at the end of a meal as fruit, you can stay around one or two slices which can become three abundant if you eat it at dinner, as a single dish and together with ham (remember not to exaggerate in this sense) or cheese such as, for example, mozzarella.

Obviously, the melon can also be enjoyed in the morning with yogurt or instead of bread if you prefer a savory breakfast based on scrambled eggs. On its own, it can be enjoyed as a snack but only in small quantities.
As always, it is in fact advisable to consume any food rich in sugars within a meal that includes essential macro nutrients. And this is because by eating in a balanced way it is possible to reduce the glycemic response thus avoiding an exaggerated rise in blood sugar. All rules that help not only the diet but also the maintenance of good health.

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