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Does rheumatoid arthritis lead to death? The death rate has dropped a lot

rheumatoid arthrosis woman hands

Does rheumatoid arthritis lead to death? Let's see what the life expectancy of chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease is.

Living with rheumatoid arthritis is not easy, quite the opposite. We are talking about a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disease that can be quite disabling, even deforming the limbs. Let's see if rheumatoid arthritis leads to death and what are the life expectancy of a patient with such a diagnosis.

Does rheumatoid arthritis lead to death?

Is it true that rheumatoid arthritis leads to death ? Before answering this question, it is good to clarify that we are talking about a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease. This means that when it occurs, it accompanies the patient throughout his life. It is considered the most severe pathology among those affecting the osteoarticular system because it causes structural damage to the joints and bones. Not only that, the inflammation may not be localized and also affect blood vessels, muscles, lungs, kidneys, heart, central and peripheral nervous systems, visual and haematopoietic systems.

In light of this, it is not the rheumatoid arthritis that can lead to death, but the complications related to the inflammation itself. Perhaps, in the long run, the pathology of the bones affects the heart or lungs, resulting in the death of the patient. In any case, it should be noted that, especially in the last ten years, life expectancy has risen a lot.

Rheumatoid arthritis and life expectancy

Having established that rheumatoid arthritis does not cause death, let's take a look at life expectancy. Over the past decade, the death rate has dropped significantly. The merit is above all of the new therapies and treatment schemes that allow for an early diagnosis. The latter is fundamental in the treatment of the pathology. Remember that the disease can also strike at any age, even children, so it is advisable to immediately grasp the first signs.

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