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Dorayaki video recipe, Doraemon’s favorite Japanese pancakes


Dorayaki are easy-to-make Japanese sweets similar to pancakes and served with bean jam (anko). We prepare them with Nutella: here is the recipe!

Dorayaki are delicious quick sweets perfect for a snack: two small pancakes are stacked and filled with azuki bean sauce , the anko . This jam, very common in Japan, is quite difficult to find here, so we offer you the recipe with Nutella. The dough, on the other hand, is made with the same ingredients as the original dorayaki and is very simple: a mix between a sponge cake and a sort of puffy, soft pancake .

The name 'dorayaki' probably comes from the gong (ゴング), the musical instrument. Legend has it that a samurai forgot his gong at the house of a farmer, who had offered him hospitality. The man then used it as a plate to prepare the first dorayaki and the rest… it's history!

The dessert was then made famous by the cartoon Doraemon : the protagonist, a space cat who comes from the future, is very fond of it. How to blame him? Follow us and let's discover the Dorayaki recipe together!


How to make Japanese dorayaki, Doraemon's snacks

  1. In a bowl, start working the eggs and sugar: help yourself with a whisk and beat them until they are frothy .
  2. Add the flour, sifting it, and mix carefully, without making lumps. Then add the honey too .
  3. In a separate cup, mix a couple of tablespoons of water with the yeast to dissolve it. When the yeast starts to fizz , add it to the mixture and mix well. Leave to rest in the fridge for half an hour, covered with kitchen film. If you don't have granulated yeast , you can easily use the powdered one for desserts (add it to the mixture together with the flour).
  4. After the resting time, take the mixture by spoonfuls and place it on a hot non-stick pan . Make pancakes small in diameter but thick, calculating about a couple of tablespoons of dough for each pancake.
  5. Cook until bubbles form on the surface : at this point, you can turn them and cook them on the other side as well. A couple of minutes is enough; if necessary lower the heat, so as not to risk burning them.
  6. While they are still hot , fill them with Nutella, and overlap two, one on top of the other, as if it were a sandwich. Enjoy your meal!

Dorayaki video recipe :

Our advice is to enjoy them immediately after preparation : the following day, even if you keep them in the fridge covered with plastic wrap, they risk becoming soft and chewy . If they are already stuffed, then, they could absorb the moisture from the filling.

Dorayaki variants

Vegan Dorayaki
Vegan Dorayaki

If you prefer, you can fill the Doreamon biscuits with chestnut jam, which tastes very similar to azuki bean sauce. It 's the perfect variant for autumn !

You can also prepare gluten-free dorayaki: you just have to replace the 00 flour with rice flour and make sure that all the other ingredients are gluten-free .

To make them vegan , however, we cannot use honey, eggs or Nutella (which you can simply replace with a vegan spreadable cream ). So you will need:

  • 200 g of 00 flour
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder (or a teaspoon of baking soda)
  • 300 ml of vegetable milk

The search for the ingredients is a little longer, but the preparation is very simple : combine the powders in a bowl and then mix. Add the liquids and cook the dorayaki in a pan for a couple of minutes on each side.

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We recommend consuming this Japanese sweet at the moment (perfect for breakfast), as soon as it is assembled and when it is still warm. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

Alternatively you can keep the dough in the fridge for about half a day , alternatively you can also cook and freeze them, without assembling them, placing them one by one in special freezer bags.

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