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Double cleansing: how it’s done and what it’s for

face cleansing

Double cleansing is a process that involves washing the face in two steps. Let’s find out how to do it and why it is so useful for skin health.

Those who love to take care of their skin certainly know the double cleansing method.
An effective way to clean the face through two steps that are particularly useful and able to bring the skin to be healthier and more luminous. In fact, it is enough to combine two ingredients that are easy to find to get the best results.

How double cleansing is done

When we talk about double facial cleansing we mean a two-stage process in which to clean the skin of the face with different products which, in synergy, can offer more results.

face cleansing
face cleansing

This is a method increasingly in use precisely because it is now known that double cleansing is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin. But what is double cleansing, then? It is a cleaning to be carried out first with an oily type detergent and then with a foaming type. In fact, using both will help eliminate any make-up residue from the face.

To do it correctly, therefore, you start by applying an oily cleanser, thoroughly cleaning your face and then repeating everything with a foaming agent. Everything will be done without the use of water, sponges or any other product . In fact, to clean yourself at best, your hands will suffice. The water, lukewarm, will only come into play for rinsing.

Double cleansing: benefits to know

For those who are wondering who invented double cleansing, just think that it comes from the basic rules of Korean facial cleansing. Among the advantages there are its being gentle on the skin making it smooth and at the same time free from any form of imperfection. A real cuddle that, if done well, will become a pleasant moment.

To conclude, therefore, for double cleansing, the advice to follow is therefore to buy quality products with natural ingredients, carrying out both steps gently and at the same time thoroughly cleaning the skin. In this way you can get a truly enviable result in a short time. And, although it is a process more suitable for the evening (just to remove make-up), it can also be indicated before putting on make-up. An example? A good double cleansing will make your Valentine’s day makeup even more beautiful.

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