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Dreams in white to wear: that’s why it’s not summer without more than a white dress in the wardrobe

girl white lace dress

Three 90s trends, Y2K and contemporary reinterpretations, white dresses are confirmed as evergreen of summer 2022

White dresses in summer make everyone agree: if the most romantic ones can't completely marry the vitamin colors and those who have always preferred dark shades find it hard to abandon them, a candid shade like white is able to enchant and convince all. First of all for their freshness, thanks to which the sun kisses us but does not warm us, and then because wearing one is like feeling already on vacation even if the holidays have not yet started. And whether the summer is in the city or elsewhere, in your suitcase or wardrobe you can't leave without a white suit.

Trendy summer 2022 white dresses: cut out, lace, oversize and midi

More than frills, finishes and special fabrics, the perfect summer white dress is in natural, breathable and thermoregulating fabric: linen, cotton, silk, lace, they are the textures you can rely on in the hot season , both day and night. . Accomplice of the tan, the total white gives everyone , which is why it is considered a versatile must-have both in terms of physicality and occasion.

– Without a doubt the sexiest model of the year is the cut out : asymmetrical cuts that can be found on the hips, on the décolleté or on the pelvis, which leave the back uncovered, to be enhanced with an elegant and exotic bodychain. Although these dresses are very sensual, let's not relegate them only to the evening: in fact, a low sandal or a pair of sneakers is enough to make it immediately casual and disengaged.

– The most delicious and romantic are undoubtedly the models in lace or even in Sangallo lace , wonderful and with summer vibes when combined with a straw hat, a wicker bag and a pair of low sandals in earth tones. The most comfortable prefer an oversized and midi fit in summer but if we wear them in the evening we can also dare with snug and enveloping models if the temperatures are not particularly high.

Zara, Mango, Stradivarius: ready-to-wear and elegant models

Carefree walks, elegant evenings, parties, these are the coolest occasions that await us in the summer and a white dress is undoubtedly the most fashionable passepartout to access it, focusing on voluminous and flashy models or winking at the vibes of the years' 90 with satin bodice models , like one of the latest Zara models available online.

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Short, sexy and classic , the ideal white dress according to Mango is the slip dress , revisited with a sweetheart neckline and bottom that closes like a sarong skirt: a model with a summer flavor where all the trends of the moment are summarized, to be worn in glam version with a pair of high sandals, grunge with combat boots and boots.

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– Linen, romantic and timeless, gives a bright and luminous effect in an iconic and romantic model: Stradivarius proposes its love version , transforming the suspenders into two soft and delicate laces in a corset design. Delicious and glam wilde with a pair of espadrilles: a style that is very Letizia Ortiz.

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