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Dried cherries

dried cherries

Let's find out how to prepare homemade dried cherries using the oven or dryer or better yet the sun.

The saying goes “one cherry leads to another” and we all know how true that is. May is their season and if you love this fruit so much that you don't want to give it up at other times of the year, the best way to preserve it is to prepare dried cherries. Like other dried fruit, they can be kept all year round in an airtight glass jar .

They are excellent as snacks, for making rich granolas, enriching yogurt or making desserts. Dried cherries can be prepared in the dehydrator, in the oven or on warmer sunny days . it will be sufficient to clean them carefully, pit them and then let them dry perfectly. Let's see all the steps to do them.

dried cherries
dried cherries

How to make Oven Dried Cherries Recipe

  1. First, remove the peduncle of the cherries and wash them carefully in water and bicarbonate. Then rinse them with water and transfer them to a clean cloth to dry.
  2. Pitt the cherries either using the appropriate tool or simply dividing them in half with a knife and removing the stone. The technique also depends on what shape you want for your finished product.
  3. Place the cherries on a baking tray lined with baking paper and start drying at 75°C for 3 hours and then continue at 55°C for 17 hours . Make sure the cherries are completely dehydrated before storing them in a glass jar.

How to make dehydrator dried cherries recipe

  1. Also in this case it is necessary to wash the cherries well after removing the stem. We recommend first washing with water and bicarbonate and then one with water.
  2. Dry them with a cloth and remove the stone with the appropriate tool or by dividing the fruit in two with a small knife.
  3. Place the cherries in the trays of the dehydrator and run it for 18 hours at 50°C .

Dry the cherries in the sun

Drying cherries in the sun takes longer , reaching up to 4 days . Make sure, before proceeding in this way, that the weather is on your side or you risk having to throw everything away. Then remember to protect your cherries with a net to prevent insects from landing on them.

Among other ways of preserving cherries we recommend cherries in syrup or cherries in sugar .


Dried cherries will keep for up to a year in an airtight glass jar.

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