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Dried tomato paté: very easy to prepare

pate dried tomatoes

The dried tomato paté is an excellent accompaniment to dishes of all kinds. Here’s how to do it quickly and easily.

A condiment that is fully part of the quick and easy recipes is the dried tomato pate.
A tasty sauce for croutons but also suitable to accompany appetizers , appetizers and even main courses.

In fact, its Mediterranean flavor makes it a truly precious ingredient capable of enhancing even the flavor of a simple slice of bread. Always excellent, it can be prepared even before meal time so that you always have something ready to present to your guests.
Let’s find out how to prepare it!

pate dried tomatoes
pate dried tomatoes

Preparation of the dried tomato pate recipe

  1. Start by washing and drying the bunch of basil and setting the leaves aside.
  2. Take a saucepan and boil some water by pouring a pinch of salt and the tomatoes into it.
  3. Let it go for 5 minutes to blanch and soften them and drain them, placing them on absorbent paper to dry them well.
  4. Take a mixer and blend the tomatoes , garlic and basil leaves, adding the oil from time to time.
  5. Continue until a fairly thick and smooth cream forms. The pate of dried tomatoes in oil is ready to be served.

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Dried tomato and tuna paté: the delicious variant

To get a delicious dried tomato paté like never before, you can add tuna to the recipe. This is good both fresh and under glass. In the second case it is preferable to use the natural one.

To prepare the pate, just follow the recipe above, taking care to add 30 to 50 g of well-drained tuna in the mixer. The difference varies based on how thick you want the sauce.

This variant makes the sauce even more creamy. The perfect choice to create more sophisticated and tasteful recipes. Everything will also be even better with the addition of some spice, such as, for example, pink peppercorns or chilli that will be added in small quantities.


If stored well in the refrigerator and inside in an airtight container or jar, the pate lasts up to a week .

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