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Dry brush: how to use it on the face for perfect skin at no cost


Dry brushing is a useful technique for cell turnover. Let's find out how to apply it on the face.

Among the beauty treatments capable of regenerating the skin and making it look more beautiful, there is a very simple and completely natural one called the dry brush .
This technique, more and more trendy , is usually better known on the body as it helps to tone it at no cost and without requiring too much time.
For this reason, in recent years, the importance of applying it also on the face has been increasingly emerging and all with a series of really positive and useful results for improving circulation and beyond .

The benefits of dry brushing on the face

Applying the dry brush technique on the face has a whole series of very important benefits. The same can in fact be used to exfoliate the skin in the best possible way, to stimulate its circulation and to obtain smoother and smoother skin.


Furthermore, with constant use, it is possible to remove dead cells, avoid the formation of pimples and increase the oxygenation of the cells with consequent regeneration of the same.
If you usually use moisturizers or creams suitable for improving the skin, the dry brush is also excellent for preparing the skin to receive the best properties insisted on in the products used.
All for a remedy at no cost but able to bring the right benefits .

How to use the dry brush on the face

The first thing to know is which brush to use to get a good result.
In fact, this must be with bristles that are as natural, rigid and compact as possible. The hardness must be proportionate to the area to be treated. Since it is the face, therefore, it is important to use one of medium hardness and never excessive.

Even before using it, it is also important to cleanse your face well and dry it carefully.
Once this is done you can start with the massage which should start from the cheeks going towards the center of the face. The movements must always be circular.
Once a good massage has been carried out in the cheek area, you can move on to the chin, nose and forehead.

Areas such as the eye or lip contour should obviously be avoided and the massage should always be very light and never excessive.
Once the massage is done, you will have to wash your face again . This time the advice is to use fresh water in order to facilitate the removal of dead cells.
Once everything is finished, you can apply the moisturizer and proceed with your normal routine.

This treatment should be used once or twice a week, preferably in the evening and always on thoroughly cleansed skin that has not previously been treated with creams or oils. The brush should also be cleaned every time in order to avoid infections caused by bacteria.
With this very simple technique, the skin of the face will improve more and more, appearing smoother, brighter and smoother. And all without spending who knows what figures and obtaining truly unexpected and constant results.

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