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Each face has its own neckline: here’s how to find your own face shape

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To enhance the face, we start with make-up and end with the choice of the right neckline: seeing is believing!

How do you take care of your beauty? Starting by studying our image, our weaknesses and our strengths, both to be loved because it is their mix that makes us unique! In addition, every detail, a dress, a make-up can make the difference if they are designed to enhance our beauty. For example, did you know that stars often choose – or maybe designers choose for them – a dress with a precise neckline because it suits a certain face better?

This little trick – because we know that after our mini lesson you will begin to scrutinize and choose clothes with other eyes – begins with recognizing your face shape and opting for the neckline that best suits our face shape . Here's everything you need to know!

Neckline for oval faces: V, U, short or round neck

Yes, the truth is that the perfect face shape is that of beauties like Monica Bellucci , Jessica Alba and Megan Fox: it is the oval face , with regular portions of the face, perfectly symmetrical and characterized by the absence of protruding areas , in short, it is the face that is defined as ideal and that has the possibility to choose and play with many necklines.

There is only a few details to observe carefully and keep in mind: if the neck is short it is better to choose V and U-shaped necks, which will tend to lengthen it, if the neck is long, short or round necklines are the best choice for avoid unpleasant effects. If, on the other hand, you are doubly lucky and have a regular neck, the choice of the neckline you like the most is up to you!

Neckline for square face: no to high neck, yes to plunging necklines

An angular face where the jaw is well placed on the same line of the jaw and temples, is defined square, like that of the beautiful and talented actress Keira Knightley : to enhance it it must be softened, slightly elongated and clean lines and features must be smoothed.

If some tricks will take care of the trick, we can make the difference in focusing on necklines that are very deep, with V or U-necks, forgetting tops without necklines and turtlenecks, which must be definitely banned. The necks must be verticalizing , avoiding as much as possible to emphasize the jaw.

Neckline for round faces: vertical and one-shoulder

If your face is like that of Kirsten Dunst and Selena Gomez, full cheeks and soft lines, it is a round face shape: perhaps not very easy to manage, height and width are almost equal, but know that it is the face that will slowly age. compared to the other. Doesn't it therefore deserve to be enhanced to the fullest?

Momentum and definition, are the two qualities we need to embellish our round face, avoiding short or round necklines, super recommended instead the vertical V or U necklines, but also the diagonal ones of tops and one-shoulder dresses, will give the right brightness to the face. And if you really can't avoid the high collar, pay attention to the details: a striped shirt, a blazer with thin reverse or a long necklace will make the difference.

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