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Easter hard-boiled eggs in the shape of a chick: funny and… delicious

Eggs disguised as chicks

If you have children, Easter hard-boiled eggs will be a hit! These chicks make a cheerful presentation for the most classic of appetizers.

Easter chick boiled eggs are cheerful, colorful and perfect for decorating the Easter table. They will make a beautiful figure among your Easter appetizers: they will conquer children for their shape, and adults with their flavor!

If you want to peel the eggs without problems, wait for them to cool, or we advise you not to use eggs that are too fresh but purchased for at least a few days (you will see that removing the peel will be much easier and you will have a smooth surface to work on).

Eggs disguised as chicks
Eggs disguised as chicks

Preparing the recipe for Easter boiled eggs in the shape of a chick

For this preparation you need : garlic press, mixer.

  1. To begin with, you need to cook 3 hard-boiled eggs: put them in a saucepan, cover them with cold water up to a couple of centimeters and cook for 7 minutes from the boil.
  2. Take a cutter and cut the top of the egg white in a zig zag pattern. Do not rush and do a careful job trying not to cut the yolk , then set aside the egg white dome that we will need later.
  3. Now decorate the Easter hard-boiled eggs by making the eyes with small pieces of black olives and the beak with a small piece of carrot .
  4. Lay the “hat” of the egg in the shape of a chick and serve on the table as you prefer (for example, we thought of making a meadow with lettuce).

Easter appetizers with hard-boiled eggs: stuffed chicks and bunnies

Boiled eggs in the shape of bunnies
Boiled eggs in the shape of bunnies

Not just chick eggs, you can also prepare bunny-shaped eggs or enrich the yolk by working it with mayonnaise and capers for superlative stuffed and disguised eggs.

Let’s start with boiled bunny eggs: how to prepare them? There are various ways to create the desired shape and we will immediately describe some of them with the characteristic of being easy and fun.

  • The first way is to take the boiled and peeled eggs, “lay them” on a plate and create eyes and mouth with small pieces of black olives and carrot. At this point with a clean scissor make two cuts to make the ears and that’s it.
  • A second approach is to use two hard-boiled eggs for each rabbit instead. Cut the first egg in two lengthwise, with one side create the head and with the other the body. Then cut the second egg into 4 pieces : the first two will be used for the ears while the others for the legs (if you can also thinly cut a dome of the egg white to make the tail and for the nose let yourself be helped by your faithful black olives and some piece of carrot.

Now let’s move on to chicken-shaped stuffed hard-boiled eggs, a slightly tastier appetizer than the main recipe. Once you have cut the upper part of the egg white you have to extract the yolk from all the eggs , which must then be mashed with a fork. Add a little mayonnaise and a few capers to the yolk and fill each hard egg white with this mixture. Work the remaining yolk with mayonnaise to create the face of the chick. Make the eyes with the capers, the beak and legs with a small piece of carrot and cover the head with the egg white dome set aside.

Finally, for a spicy variant , mix a tablespoon of egg yolk, one of mayonnaise and a pinch of paprika to taste. Fill the egg using this filling and sprinkle some paprika on top as a garnish .

They will be perfect for your Easter appetizers in any case!


Stuffed eggs do not have a very long shelf life: if you can enjoy them during the day, otherwise keep them for a day in the fridge , well covered in a tightly closed container.

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