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Eggs in Cocotte

Eggs in Cocotte

Here's how to make eggs in cocotte, a quick and easy recipe for a versatile and tasty product.

Eggs in cocotte are very easy to make: if you haven't tried them yet, you need to fix it immediately, because they are extremely good. They are called this because they are usually prepared in small bowls, called cocottes . You can enjoy them alone or enrich them with a variety of products, such as vegetables, mushrooms, cream and much more.

The preparation is really easy and quick, all you need to do is cook the eggs in a bain-marie and follow some precautions. The result will be that of an egg with a fluid and soft yolk and a firm white . In short, as good as ever, they are absolutely worth trying!

Eggs in Cocotte
Eggs in Cocotte

Preparing the recipe for cooked eggs

  1. First, get a small bowl suitable for cooking, like the one in the photo. The ideal would be to use a cocotte with a diameter of approximately 9 cm .
  2. Butter the inside of the containers and sprinkle a pinch of salt in each.
  3. Pour an egg into each cocotte, peeling the eggs carefully.
  4. Take a saucepan and fill it with water, the level of which must be almost half the height of the mould.
  5. Place the saucepan on the stove and bring to the boil . At this point, place the cocotte in the saucepan.
  6. Continue to cook in a bain-marie ; boil the water for about 10 minutes .
  7. Once done, proceed with the other cocotte.
  8. Season the eggs with pepper, let cool and serve.


Cooked eggs are very good, soft and tasty, suitable for eating on any occasion. The best advice is to consume them immediately .

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