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Energy, cheerfulness, vitality: this is how yellow goes together

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Color with multiple shades, intense in winter and bright in summer, how can we combine yellow

Bright, delicate but at the same time the guardian of bursts of energy: when spring strikes and we proceed towards summer, the first color we see shining in the shop windows, in magazines and in fashion campaigns is yellow. Not that in autumn and winter this nuance goes to fairs, but worn in its most intense shades it takes on a decidedly different effect, which we mostly tend to combine with earthy nuances or to illuminate basic colors such as black or white . Yellow is certainly one of the most particular colors to combine but we can definitely go far beyond the total look, focusing on colors that will give us delicate looks and other more decisive ones.

Yellow in winter: ochre, mustard, saffron, orange as they go together

If we had to think of the season which naturally includes yellow in its colours, we could only think of autumn: it is in that passage, now quite long, from summer to winter that we see shades of yellow such as ochre, mustard and saffron, and often if we observe the landscape it is nature itself that can suggest which nuances to combine with this cold version of yellow.

Autumn look

In fact, brown, gray and orange are the colors with which we see the autumnal atmosphere take on a natural tinge and they are the ones that we can combine with yellow, thus obtaining a natural look: we always choose to focus on two basic colors for the top and bottom of our outfit and to give an even more colorful touch, let's soften it with an accessory in a third color.

yellow and orange look

Pay particular attention to the choice of dark colors for the winter season: yes to black to create a glam outfit, pay attention to blue instead. Both nuances must be very dark or very light so as to meet harmoniously: a perfect combination is the one made up of yellow and denim, in any of its washes. An evergreen combination that is a little casual and a little sporty that can be worn all year round.

Yellow dress with denim jacket

Canary, lemon, fluorescent: the shades that light up the summer

Yellow worn in summer becomes synonymous with fantasy and lightness: choosing it is a bit like always having the light-heartedness of a sunny summer day with us: canary, lemon, fluorescent, these are the shades of yellow that we love the most in the hot season , a little romantic the former, the latter original and witty. So be daring with cheerful and lively colors, to which fuchsia responds among the first: it is not a combination for everyone but if you are at ease, with these two colors together you will always know how to be original.

Yellow shirt dress

In summer, the desire to fill the wardrobe with light and sparkling dresses to wear on the fly is really strong: romantic, dynamic, sensual and fun, among the mini and long dresses of the season, the yellow dress can prove to be a winning passepartout, look saver even in view of a ceremony for which to focus on a touch of original elegance.

Elegant yellow dress

Extremely elegant is also the combination of canary yellow with petroleum or blue, which could be perfect for giving liveliness to a yellow total look like a suit on the occasion of an event or an important business meeting. For those who prefer to be able to choose between soft and classic combinations, even white or beige can be two original but less eccentric alternatives.

Yellow cardigan

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