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Engagement ring: the most precious and original models (to suggest to your better half)

Wedding proposal with ring

From the classic solitaire to nerd models, engagement rings are renewed. And we can suggest, sparingly, what would make us dream!

Whether you are still looking for a soul mate or waiting for your partner to come forward by romantically sealing the moment, taking a look at the most beautiful and precious engagement rings around and even trendy is certainly not a sin. On the contrary, sparingly, who knows, with some nice observations it might be possible to make people understand what could be the perfect ring to conquer your heart. The surprise is always romantic and very welcome, but sometimes some tips can also be nice! So let's find out from the classics to the most original and unexpected ones, which are the trendy engagement rings.

"Special" engagement rings: nerd models with Pikachu or cutie characters

Some couples are born and come together more and more under the sign of a passion: a film, a song or a TV series could be convicts and cause the spark to break out. This must be the inspiring engine that must have pushed the Japanese jewelry company U-Treasure to create an unconventional and decidedly nerdy ring.

And if you are a fan of Pokemon, you could be the lucky ones who will be able to happily show off the novelty of the moment: the Pikachu ring. The design takes up the classic and timeless one of the solitaire, however embellished by two Pikachu surrounding a central diamond, as if to formalize and wish the best to the next couple. Different materials, designed to meet different budgets: silver, platinum, yellow gold or white gold with golden Pikachu, both 18-carat. The case is also delicious: could it not be a Poké ball? The price starts from 260 euros for silver, 12,000 for yellow, white and platinum gold, to which any shipping and engraving costs must be added.

If Pokemon aren't exactly your passion but you madly love Japanese culture and cutie characters, U-Treasure always offers engagement rings inspired by other anime such as One Piece, Kirimi or Sailor Moon .

Tiffany, Cartier, Pandora: solitaires and trilogy, the classic proposals

Getting a Tiffany is always a daydream. The prestigious and iconic high jewelery brand presented its first solitaire in 1886, an essential, brilliant and luminous model, today with a more contemporary shape but always anchored in tradition. The price is mind-boggling: it starts from 44,000 and goes up depending on the design, material and workmanship. A dream for a few, but looking at the patterns can inspire you to find a similar pattern that you would see well on your hand.

– Same dizziness and dream also for the Cartier high jewelery engagement rings, but not for all models: in fact, we start from 3000 euros for the Etincelle models, which basically resemble a tennis ring but made up of diamonds and with a precious 16-carat pear-shaped diamond. A not so forbidden dream compared to the historic Solitaire 1895 , where an appointment must be booked to find out the price.

Gorgeous, pop and accessible are Pandora engagement rings. To amaze and seal your love you don't necessarily have to spend dizzying sums: simplicity and sweetness are enough to make a moment unforgettable that will represent a new chapter for the couple and this is exactly the essence of Pandora models. From trilogy to intertwined ones, to symbolize the union of a destined couple, the models are in silver and start from 59 euros up to 179 for the rose gold plated intertwined band.

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