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Entesitis: what it is, the causes and how it is treated

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Enthesitis is an inflammation that affects the muscle tendons and which, if left untreated, can be dangerous. So let’s find out how to recognize it and how to act when it suffers.

Enthesitis is one of the forms of inflammation that can affect our body . This concerns the structure by which the muscle acts on the associated bone. The enthesis, in fact, is nothing more than the segment of tendon that is inserted on the bone and which when it inflames leads to the so-called enthesitis. Suffering from it can therefore make movements complex, cause severe pain and lead to serious problems.

Enthesitis: symptoms and best known causes

Insertional enthesitis can occur in different parts of the body. When this happens it is precisely because inflammation has arisen.

Among the most common causes, at the base there are injuries during physical activity , prolonged exertion or incorrect movements that subject the enthesis to excessive effort. In some rarer cases, the problem can be caused by systemic diseases. Going to the symptoms, among the most common are pain, swelling, stiffness, a feeling of heat and soreness in the whole area . These are obviously symptoms that can also be traced back to other problems such as tendonitis and for this reason, entesitis is often not recognized immediately but only by exclusion.

Where can entesitis occur and how to cure it

This type of inflammation occurs mostly in the most used joints . Among the most frequent are, for example, enthesitis of the hip, enthesitis of the knee and enthesitis of the shoulder. Other areas that may be involved are the wrists, the sole of the foot, and the spine in several places. In case of pain that lasts over time and is not treated, the danger is that of going into chronic enthesitis with permanent lesions .

Although in some cases it can regress on its own, for enthesitis, the most suitable treatment is anti-inflammatory drugs and, in some cases, corticosteroids. Trauma to the tendons must then be minimized and if these were to be serious, surgery could also be essential.

It is therefore very important to listen to the pain you have and immediately seek a solution in order to prevent them from becoming chronic and, therefore, more difficult to cure.

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