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Eucalyptus essential oil: the properties of one of the best balsamic oils


Eucalyptus essential oil boasts important properties, which make it a great ally of well-being: let's discover its virtues and uses.

Among the many balsamic oleolites , eucalyptus essential oil is one of the best. However, this is not the only virtue that makes it a precious natural remedy to always have on hand. Let's find out what its properties are, its uses and why the product signed by the Swiss company Just is different.

Eucalyptus essential oil: properties and benefits

Eucalyptus essential oil boasts important balsamic and expectorant properties , which make it a valid ally for diseases involving the respiratory tract. In addition to these virtues, known to all, the oil is pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory. It is able to fight muscle contractures, infections of the urogenital system, cellulite , pimples , blackheads , acne and to calm the nervous system. Therefore, it even brings great benefits to the epidermis, which is why it is used as the main ingredient in many cosmetics.

Eucalyptus essence is also a natural antibacterial. Ergo, it's a valid ally to fight some infections, such as cystitis , candidiasis and herpes. Not only that, it is effective for soothing irritations caused by burns and wounds and for treating oral cavity diseases. Dulcis in fundo, it is an excellent product that guarantees the well-being of the hair. In the presence of lice or in the case of inflamed skin due to excess sebum or dandruff, just add a few drops to the shampoo you usually use.


Eucalyptus essential oil for internal use should be diluted in the measure of two drops with a teaspoon of honey and consumed on a full stomach. For external uses, on the other hand, it should be mixed with vector oils, aloe vera gel or cosmetics that are used daily. It should be emphasized that it should never be used pure and that those suffering from gastrointestinal inflammation, bile duct and kidney inflammation or liver disorders should stay away from it. It is also not recommended for children under the age of six.

Just eucalyptus oil: what is it for?

Just eucalyptus oil deserves a separate discussion. The Swiss company combines the action of this oil with those of rosemary, peppermint, field mint, lavander and orange and with echinacea extract. It is a blend of pure essential oils that can be used at any time of the day. Both this product and any eucalyptus oil can be purchased in herbal medicine, pharmacies, health food stores and online.

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