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Everyone wants them, everyone is looking for them: the accessories and clothes of Italian brands are the most desired

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From Valentino to Versace, from Gucci to Bottega Veneta: here are the most loved Italian brands according to Lyst's Hottest Brand Q4 2022

Italian brands are the most loved in the world, a finding also recently arrived from the looks of the last Grammy evening, where the Made in Italy looks triumphed on the red carpet for the umpteenth time: from BeyoncΓ© in Maison Schiaparelli to Taylor Swift in Roberto Cavalli, from J.Lo and Harry Styles in Gucci to Sam Smith in Valentino. There is therefore no doubt that this 2023 is also preparing to be a winner for the big Italian names, perhaps repeating the excellent results reported by the Hottest Brand Q4 created by Lyst, which out of ten brands identified seven Italians as the most requested in the past year. Which ones are they? We reveal them to you right away!

The most desired Italian brands of 2022: which are the most desired Made in Italy hot brands

Lyst, a well-known online shopping platform, kept an eye on the behavior of 200 million online fashion buyers, considering searches inside and outside the platform, product views and sales, so as to be able to have very precise data on what the the most sought-after and purchased garments and accessories.

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In tenth place there are the peach-pink Crocs made in collaboration with Salehe Bembury and in ninth place Miu Miu already stands out, Prada's younger and more casual rib, and its underwear to show off outside miniskirts and trousers. In eighth place the delightful pumps with jeweled bow by Mach and Mach, in seventh place the bomber jacket by Loewe, creator of a trend that has relaunched the down jacket in a sporty key and in sixth place the tartan-style mohair scarf by Acne Studios, confirming that the scarf is always the most irresistible winter accessory.

In fifth place is the Sardine Bag by Bottega Veneta, an accessory that is not surprising because for a year now the it-bag of the year par excellence has almost always been signed by the Italian brand, which combines craftsmanship and glam. Fourth place for Solaria and her shimmering and elegant dresses, third place for Dr.Martens in the winter version with internal fur and no laces, while in third place are the pointed Prada slingbacks, with low heels and embellished with the triangular logo.

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The ranking specifically dedicated to brands also sees the presence of Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino and Moncler, with which Italian brands are confirmed as the most loved and purchased: a taste that is also widely confirmed among celebrities.

Why are Italian brands the most loved? Lyst's top 3

The quality, the class, the tradition represented by Made in Italy, a hallmark also abroad is certainly a reason but there is even more: there is vision, strategy and research behind such an overwhelming result which sees in the top 3 respectively Prada, Gucci and Moncler. Those directly involved tried to explain it.

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β€œAt Prada Group we have a clear purpose: to be Drivers of Change, which sums up our way of doing business. This means continuously combining four elements: creativity, innovation, commitment to ethics and being in constant and coherent dialogue with our audience” explained Lorenzo Bertelli, Marketing Director and Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility. Great comeback for Moncler instead compared to last year, a result that Remo Ruffini, Chairman and CEO of the brand summarized as follows: β€œThroughout my life I have followed a simple rule: the brand is everything . I have never chased revenue and never will. My goal has always been to build a strong brand while cultivating a close relationship with our communities.”

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