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Expired eyeshadows: everything you need to know about the expiration date


Eyeshadows, like all cosmetics, may expire: here's how to tell if they should be thrown away and tips for using them despite their expiration date!

Cosmetics have an expiration date and all of us, at least once in our lives, have underestimated this detail. If we see that the product is good, even though the time has come when we are advised to throw it away, we continue to use it anyway . Which is even more true when it comes to products that have a high cost.
The time has therefore come to understand if expired eyeshadows can be used and, if so, how) or if, on the other hand, they are absolutely to be thrown away .

Expired eyeshadows: here are the tips to follow

When it comes to cosmetics, there are so many factors to take into consideration and they are all equally important.
In order to understand if the product has already expired or if it is really to be thrown away, we must, for example, evaluate a series of factors such as the smell, color and consistency of the product
First of all, it is therefore important to remember the moment of opening the cosmetic : only in this way can we understand when it should have reached its limit. In the package, in fact, a number is almost always visible (usually indicated as 6M or 3M) which indicates how many months they can remain open.

That said, there are other elements to consider. Eyeshadows, for example, especially if they are cream ones, can be contaminated by bacteria in a higher way. In fact, when they expire, the product may have been "invaded" by bacteria not only on the surface, but also in depth. Better, then throw them away and do the same if they appear different before the expiry in order to avoid the risk of contracting any skin problems.


As for how to recognize them, it is important to know that expired eyeshadows give off an unpleasant smell to say the least and this in itself is a detail that should never be underestimated. Another way to understand whether or not the cosmetic should be thrown away is to evaluate the shade: if a beige has changed color and is not at all convincing, then something is wrong.
The moment of application is also important. If we can't spread the product well with the help of the brush, then it's time to throw them away.

How to best store expired eyeshadows

Using expired eyeshadows, if they present the problems just mentioned, involves both the risk of conjunctivitis and that of contracting inflammation and swelling of the eye .
If we want to be sure and go against the rules of the PAO, it is therefore important to do a test on a small part of the arm.

In order to best preserve them, it is important to remember to always close the box or palette perfectly and to use clean and disinfected brushes. It is also very important to avoid getting them wet, to lend them to friends and to keep them near heat sources. Having said that, with every small variation, regardless of the expiry date, it is always advisable to throw them away in order not to take unnecessary risks which could lead to (even serious) problems for the eyes.

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