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Eye that trembles: discover the causes and the most effective remedies

eye discomfort

The trembling eye is a problem that can become very annoying in the long run. Let’s find out what it depends on and how to fix it.

The trembling eye usually depends on a more pronounced contraction of the muscles in the area. Which causes the sensation of trembling or throbbing inside the eye. In most cases, this condition, also known as blepharospasm , is temporary and resolves on its own. And only in very rare cases can it be a symptom of more serious problems. However, in the presence of a dancing eye, the advice is always to contact your doctor.

Trembling of the eye: what to do when the problem occurs

In most cases, the blinking eye is only a momentary phenomenon given by an overexcitation of the muscles responsible for the movement of the eyes.

eye discomfort
eye discomfort

This is a phenomenon that can occur for example when you are particularly stressed or have taken too many exciters such as, for example, caffeine. In this case, the only solution to the shaking eyelid is to change your lifestyle, rest and reduce any consumption of caffeine and alcohol .

Sleeping more and managing sleep quality can also be helpful against eye tremor. While in case of dry eyes you can act (always on medical advice) by opting for eye drops.

When to worry about a trembling eye

If the trembling eye is so annoying that it causes concern, consulting an ophthalmologist is always a good choice. Especially if you add other symptoms such as:

– Tremor that spreads to other areas of the face
Eyelid which, in addition to shaking, tends to close
– Swelling of the eyes
– Red eyes
– Constant discomfort in the eyes and in the surrounding areas

In the presence of these symptoms and failure to disappear through a change in lifestyle and the use of artificial tears, the doctor could in fact direct you to more targeted checks aimed at searching for different causes.
For this reason, keeping the situation under control and talking about it with the ophthalmologist is always the first thing to do in order to calm down and find immediate relief to the problem.

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