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Eyelash lamination: what it is and how it works

eyelash lamination

Lash lamination is an increasingly used treatment. Let’s find out how it works, how long it lasts and when it is recommended.

When we talk about eyelash lamination we mean a treatment based on vitamins and keratin which serves to give the eyelashes a curvature capable of resisting over time.
It is therefore a kind of beauty treatment that is done to the eyelashes and which serves to make them stronger, healthier and naturally more voluminous. All for a perfect natural effect and without having to worry about using false eyelashes, mascara or eyelash curlers.

Eyelash lamination: what it is and how it works

This treatment, also known as a keratin perm, serves to nourish the eyelashes from the depths, also giving them a mix of essential vitamins to stay healthy.

eyelash lamination
eyelash lamination

When you undergo lamination, you can choose the level of curl which depends on your personal tastes and the initial condition of the lashes.
If you want you can also choose to add a final tint to them to make them darker and really avoid the use of mascara .

As for the eyelash lamination and how long it lasts, the time varies but on average we are talking about a period of about two months. A single session , on the other hand, can last up to an hour and at times (especially the first few times) it may be useful to repeat it two or three times.

Eyelash lamination: pros and cons of treatment

Generally it can be said that this treatment has no contraindications. Unless, of course, you are not allergic to the products used. Since it is a real eyelash lift, it has only positive reasons to use it. What matters is making sure you have no eye problems (in which case it is important to seek advice from your doctor first), and that you are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

Immediately after the treatment you may notice a slight irritation that disappears in a day at the most. As for how to behave, a bit like with a hair perm, it is important not to wet the eyelashes for 24 hours and not to wear make-up or apply products of any kind.

That said, for eyelash lamination, the basic cost is around 70 euros per session. Considering that for a noticeable and lasting effect, at least 3 are needed on average, the basic cost is about 270 euros.

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