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Face framing braids, the spring hairstyle in anticipation of summer: the trend (re)launched by Chiara Ferragni

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The bob-proof spring hair look is the braids that frame the face: the trend is launched by the digital entrepreneur

There is no doubt that the short or bob cut is this year's most popular hair look trend, a craze that has conquered the entire show business from Hollywood, even conquering the heart of Chiara Ferragni , who up to Sanremo never we would have imagined seeing with shorter hair. A change of look that the entrepreneur must have liked a lot because it inspired what we could define as the new hair trend for spring/summer 2023: the face framing braids that frame the face, perfect for those who, despite wearing a short cut, still don't want to give up possibility to play at making hairstyles. So for her safari vacation, on more than one occasion Chiara said yes to braids around her face.

Spring 2023 hair look: face framing braids, a trend that anticipates summer

Braids and cornrows have always been the hairstyle that for all of us rhymes with the beach and summer evenings, back to the rescue already last year when the Y2K vibes started to make themselves felt, a fever that towards the end of last year Wednesday series has consecrated definitively. Now to remove any doubt that we are ready to braid our hair even in the summer of 2023 is Chiara Ferragni , who with the shots of her Safari holiday has begun to awaken the summer vibes in us , starting right from the hair.

The first time Chiara showed off the face framing braids trend was in Marrakech during a dinner: the entrepreneur gave the spring outfit an exotic touch by focusing on the hair look of face framing braids on both the sides of the face, stopped by two thin lilac pigtails . However, this is not the only occasion in which we have seen her choose this hairstyle: she recently also chose it for her Safari holiday in Africa , as shown by several shots on her profile. An occasion that allowed her to show how we can combine this new trend, without disdaining braids if your bob is long enough.

Face framing braids, an exotic and summery touch on spring looks

Combining this hair look with a spring outfit is a delightful anticipation of summer, a season during which braids have always been the most loved hairstyle for at least three reasons: if we wear them for several days they give us wavy hair with a natural effect, they keep unruly strands at bay and keep the hair tidy.

Casual, sporty, glam, elegant, any spring look can be embellished with this hairstyle that begins to bring a little summer into our style and soul. In fact, the digital entrepreneur shows us once again how this hairstyle sweetens even a more sporty and decisive look such as a striped crop top and fleece trousers: yes, even these braids can make the hair look pretty for playing sports and keeping your hair at bay with a trendy twist.

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