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Fantasy and multicolor make-up: the lively beauty trend of summer 2022

Fantasy make up

The make-up from summer vibes 2022 is ultra-colorful, in color block to mix: here are some ideas to make it happen

Our passion for make-up with the heat of summer – especially this summer – is constantly put to the test, but it is also true that with a little more free time and with the sales in progress, the desire experimenting with new make-up looks and daring with more summery and flamboyant colors makes itself felt. So let's put aside basic colors and play by mixing electric colors to blend with each other or in color block: the effect will be absolutely surprising, especially in combination with the cheerful and carefree outfits that we will pack.

Summer 2022 make-up: bright colors, glitter and luminous applications

As in clothing, even for beauty, the Y2K leap is now assured, thanks to the great success of the TV series Euphoria, which has conquered not only in terms of history and narration but also for its aesthetics: bright, bright, luminous colors, which they pour into looks but also into decidedly spectacular and surprising make-up. Falling in love with them and wanting to replicate them was a moment, so much so that on Instagram by writing #makeuoeuphoria you will open a gallery of targeted posts.

And since a bit of healthy summer euphoria is a mantra, it is good to focus on what are the salient points to keep in mind to create these phantasmagoric make-ups. First of all, rhinestones and glitter , which you can use to create real lines along the eye, as if it were a luminous eye-liner, or sparingly to embellish an eyeshadow or a blush. The euphoria-style eyeshadow should be put in a color block style : it's fine to blend the colors, but to get a new color that will have to match and not mix with the others. Eyeliner and black pencil of course are essential to underline the look.

Green, yellow, electric blue and more: color as the frame of the gaze

But it is not only the black that emphasizes and brings to life the look, the real secret is the strategic use of color that goes far beyond the simple eyeshadow to color the eyelid: it is up to us to choose whether we want to focus on something lively and vitamin or a bright fantasy make-up but with delicate nuances.

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– Inspired by tie dye trends and with a strongly summery flavor, it is definitely the make-up where very strong and almost electric colors coexist, such as blue, yellow, often also combined with red, fuchsia or green. If you want to create this type of make-up, HipDot has created a palette inspired by the colors of the ingredients of Noodles, reinventing this trend with very warm colors. For those who prefer a fluo effect in Euphoria or multicolor style, there is no shortage of inspirations from Kiko, even in Pride style.

– The new inspo trends, however, also promote encounters between lilac and pink , a very delicate effect of which the latest inspiration was the actress Lucy Boynton, star of Bohemian Rapsody and Sing Street : a fluo make-up with a romantic and delicate fantasy effect, to which you do not combine anything other than a very delicate transparent or pink lip gloss.

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