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Fashion celebrates the year of the water rabbit: collections with vibrant colors that celebrate creativity and imagination

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The fashion trends of 2023 are tinged with joy, imagination and creativity: from Gucci to Valentino we celebrate the year of the water rabbit

Heavenly landscapes, sweet and tender rabbits, very colorful looks: there is a desire to cheer up and soften this winter – not very rigid, considering the unpredictable climatic variations – and the collections dedicated to the Chinese year are a dive into the 2023 winter edition trends, this year animated by logos and rabbits, because according to the Chinese horoscope this is the year of the water rabbit. While waiting for the Spring Festival which will kick off the first day of the Chinese New Year, usually between the end of January and the beginning of February on a variable date, from Gucci to Valentino, from Moschino to Givenchy, here's how to pass the wait by stealing inspo and trends to create ad hoc celebratory looks.

Fashion trends 2023: cutie looks and bright nuances, from Gucci to Valentino

What does the water rabbit symbolize in the Chinese horoscope? Quiet, peace, serenity, feelings that we badly need despite the political, social and environmental problems that surround the world. So if we can't bring them into the world with a wave of the magic wand, let's try to feed them in ourselves by choosing clothing that becomes the flag of our need.

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Gucci depicts this need of ours by proposing a collection that celebrates color and nature, taking us into the surreal and fabulous of its shots that remind us of the worlds of Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz, apparently peaceful worlds but with relaxing landscapes, magical, heavenly and where the rabbits, protagonists of the year and omnipresent in these fantastic stories. Patterns with an oriental taste, rabbits that soften bomber jackets, sweaters and cardigans and looks that mix two or three colors, the look proposed by Gucci is vibrant and chic cutie .

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– On the other hand, Valentino pays homage to the year of the rabbit in a different direction, celebrating the peculiarities of Chinese culture, which for the occasion re-proposes total logo outfits, a trend spotted on the summer catwalk, combining red with neutral nuances such as beige, black and white. The diktat is clear: the winter wardrobe has more than one reason to go red.

The Looney Tunes capsule by Moschino and 100 years of Disney with Givenchy

Special collaborations are those signed by Moschino and Givenchy, which to celebrate the energy and radiance of the Chinese New Year collaborate the first with Looney Tunes and the second with Disney. Even in the case of Moschino , the capsule is very colourful, effervescent and ironic: in fact, the brand chooses Bugs Bunny as the icon, which appears on t-shirts, dresses, skirts and shorts, surrounded by hearts and oriental decorations.

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– Red also invades the Givenchy collection, which creates a doubly celebratory collection: the year of the water rabbit and 100 years of Disney: a limited edition capsule for her and for him, designed by the new creative director Maximilian Davis, composed of shirts, skirts, scarves, crewneck sweaters, a jacket and a t-shirt, to be combined with accessories such as sneakers, belts and leather bags.

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