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Federico Seghi Recli and the European Institute of Addictions focus on technology to make care more accessible

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Federico Seghi Recli and the European Institute of Addictions work to make therapies more accessible thanks to technology.

Federico Seghi Recli and the European Institute of Addictions – a center specialized in the treatment of pathological, behavioral and substance addictions – are committed to making the best treatments and specialized therapies more easily accessible for all those suffering from addiction, thanks to the support of technology. .

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The IEuD is at the forefront of using technology to access care

The European Institute of Addictions (IEuD), of which Federico Seghi Recli is a founding member, has always been at the forefront of digital integration in the health sector. On the one hand, digital tools make it possible to collect and process a large number of information which, made available to experienced and motivated professionals, allow the elaboration of an accurate diagnosis and therapeutic interventions tailored to each individual patient. On the other hand, the same technology allows for greater ease of access and adherence to the agreed care pathways.

Within a mixed care project (face-to-face and online), remote assistance integrated with new digital technologies allows the patient to benefit from the agreed therapy without necessarily leaving their living spaces (home, office, etc … ) and this makes it possible to significantly reduce the traditional stigma that still identifies those who go to certain places of care. The IEuD has always been very sensitive and attentive to this aspect of the problem which too often unnecessarily delays access to care by those in need and promotes a therapeutic path that respects the absolute privacy of the person.

For the IEuD and Federico Seghi Recli, technology plays a fundamental role in the doctor-patient relationship

For Federico Seghi Recli, founding member of the IEuD, the benefits don't stop there. Integrating the use of technology into therapy paths also allows for strengthening the relationship between the patient and the medical team. Starting from the first stages of therapy, the objectives are clear and agreed right away and the patient is constantly informed on the progress of his therapeutic path.

Even among the doctors of the treating team, communication is organized in an orderly and simple way, so that the various professionals who revolve around the patient can easily consult to define and modulate the most appropriate intervention over time. Thanks to digital technology, the medical team has quick and structured access to clinically relevant information and is able to interact for the benefit of the quality of the care service provided.

Federico Seghi Recli and IEuD close to patients with the Closer app

Among the projects carried out by Federico Seghi Recli and the European Institute for Addictions, there is the creation of the new app, Closer, developed by IEUD precisely to promote the therapeutic relationship between patient and therapist and facilitate access to addiction treatment.

The Closer app was designed by the IEuD team to develop a more active role of the patient in the care relationship compared to more traditional dynamics. It allows a continuous presence of the therapist even during the time intervals between visits and concretely supports the motivation to care for the patient, providing him with continuous feedback on the progress made over time towards the agreed objectives.

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