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Feet peeling, from causes to natural remedies: urea is essential

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What to do against peeling feet? There are some behaviors to keep in mind, then the beauty routine is fundamental.

A problem that can be quite embarrassing, peeling feet affect many people. The main cause, in most situations, is dry skin , but there are also other factors that can worsen the condition. Let's see what is the beauty routine to avoid cracking and the most effective natural remedies.

Feet peeling: causes and symptoms

Peeling feet are characterized not only by cracked skin, but also by calluses and dry skin. This is a rather embarrassing problem, especially when you are wearing open shoes or when you go to swimming pools or gyms. First of all, it should be noted that increased sweating worsens the condition of scaly feet and can cause deep peeling or cracks on the heels.

In most cases, the problem indicates a strong dryness of the epidermis which, day after day, can cause itching and redness on both the arch and heel . Therefore, the sooner you intervene, the faster the recovery will be. In addition, among the factors that can contribute to peeling feet are: genetic predisposition, dyshidrosis , sensitivity to synthetic fabrics, particular physical conditions, advancing age, wrong footwear, aggressive or inadequate cosmetic products, skin diseases (such as psoriasis , eczema and athlete's foot), overweight, corns and calluses and competitive sports.

Always remember that, even if neglected by most people, the heel area is the least hydrated in the body, as well as the one that bears all its weight on a daily basis. Therefore, pamper him as much as I can. Always opt for socks in cotton or natural fabrics and comfortable shoes, made with breathable material.

Cracked skin on the toes: natural remedies

Whether it's the peeled sole of the foot or the toes, it matters little: natural remedies are valid in all cases. Green light to moisturizing, emollient and nourishing creams , so as to never dry out the epidermis. If possible, apply the ointments after taking a regenerating foot bath . Only recommendation: before spreading the cream, the skin must be perfectly dry. Once a week do an exfoliating scrub , so as to eliminate dead cells and make the ointments absorb better. Also, don't underestimate the nourishing sock-like masks, which counteract dryness. One last gem? Choose specific urea -based products, which pamper your feet in every way.

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