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Female hair loss: let’s find out the most common causes

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When we talk about hair loss we immediately think of male hair loss, but in reality this problem also affects women.

Main differences between male and female hair loss

There are undoubtedly important differences between male and female hair loss, starting with the ways in which it manifests itself .

While in men hair loss implies in the initial phase a thinning in the frontal area with a retreat of the hairline, to then become a thinning that includes the vertex area (depending on the cause of the fall), in women the thinning is widespread since the its beginnings especially in the vertex and parietal area.

Important differences also concern the age in which hair loss begins to manifest itself: while in men it is very frequent that it begins to manifest itself at a young age, therefore under the age of 30, in women the fall appears more, in the pre and post menopause, without prejudice, of course, to the fact that there may also be cases of falls with an onset at a young age among women.

Other very important differences between male and female hair loss also concern the causes for which it occurs.

While among men the most widespread cause is certainly genetics, among women this phenomenon has both androgenetic causes and hormonal imbalances, as well as more specific reasons concerning the state of health of the entire organism.

But what are, specifically, the main causes of hair loss in women? Let's go find out.

hair woman

The most common causes of hair loss in women

As mentioned, hair loss in women can be due to health problems of various kinds, where it occurs at a young age, a preventive specialist check-up is recommended.

As confirmed in an in-depth analysis dedicated to hair loss in women on the Tricomedit Group website, specialized in medical and surgical trichology solutions, a contributing cause to take into consideration is poor diet.

In fact, in women, hair can fall out due to a lack of vitamins, mineral salts or other important nutrients.

Several causes of female hair loss can also be identified in hormonal changes , such as those that occur in the postpartum and breastfeeding phase; thyroid dysfunctions can also cause hair thinning.

Hair loss can also be due to psychophysical stress, especially if such a condition lasts for a long time.

Finally, we still underline the importance of the genetic cause, albeit of lesser importance than the male one.

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