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Fennel baked in foil, not just a crudités

Fennel baked in foil

Fennel baked in foil is a very quick recipe to prepare as a side dish or to be enjoyed alone!

Fennel is a true ally of beauty and health rich in iron. Despite being a purely winter vegetable, the mild and temperate climate of the South allows its presence throughout the year in this area. It is customary to consume it as crudités, but if you have ended up on this page you want to know how to prepare fennel in foil. It can be a side dish different from the traditional lettuce, perfect to combine with fish main courses such as sea bream and salmon.

Here is this quick and easy recipe!

Fennel baked in foil
Fennel baked in foil

Recipe of fennel baked in foil

  1. Wash the fennel well, cut in half and then into thin slices .
  2. Chop the olives into slices , cut the parmesan into flakes and add the capers.
  3. Transfer everything to a bowl and season with salt and pepper, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
  4. Take some parchment paper and divide into four parts . Pour the mixture into the center of each one, wet a thread of string and close the parchment papers in a bag .
  5. Bake in the oven at 180 ° C for about half an hour . Your fennel is ready to be tasted!

And now we will reveal a trick on how to make your fennel in foil flavored with an ingredient you will never imagine … gin ! Pour a glass for four fennel. Don’t worry if it seems like an exaggerated quantity, it will evaporate during cooking but will leave a unique aroma on your side!

Benefits of fennel

Fennel is a vegetable rich in minerals, vitamin A and vitamin C. It contains a good amount of iron : for your children it is a very important property to make their bones strong! Fennel are also useful for digestive and intestinal problems, and counteract arrhythmia, aging and related diseases. They are also capable of relieving the symptoms of menopause .

Ally of the gastro-intestinal system , cooking fennel in foil will favor its digestibility for those with digestive difficulties. The addition of further wholesome and healthy ingredients will only increase the benefits for your body. Never lack fennel in your homes: it is a highly soothing ingredient to keep at hand!


Immediately consume the fennel in foil. Reheated they will never have the same fragrant taste again!

You may also like to taste the baked fennel with cheese … as a row!

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