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Fibro fog: what the cognitive problem of fibromyalgia consists of

mental fog

Fibro fog is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Let's find out what it is and why it is so debilitating.

When it comes to fibromyalgia it is important to remember that this pathology, still difficult to recognize today, can lead to various symptoms whose extent varies from person to person.
Among the most debilitating and still poorly understood symptoms is that of fibro fog also known as mental fog. A problem that can make life more difficult by affecting both work and normal activities that should be able to be carried out without problems.
But what exactly is fibro fog? Let's find out what it looks like and how to act to counter it.

Symptoms of fibro fog

When the symptom of a disease in turn contains symptoms, it is a sign that we are faced with something truly important and that is always worth exploring.
An example of this is fibro fog, a symptom of fibromyalgia still little known to many but more than known to those suffering from this pathology. Very similar to cognitive fog from Covid, fibro fog has the particularity of being linked to fibromyalgia and, therefore, not vanishing over time.

mental fog
mental fog

In simple words it is a fog (caused precisely to fibromyalgia) and due to which we are faced with a lack of mental lucidity.
Those who suffer from it therefore experience a sense of confusion that makes it difficult to concentrate and carry out even the simplest actions. Added to this is a reduction in short-term memory , poor concentration and difficulty understanding.

Thus, it happens that the person suffering from fibromyalgia and, therefore, from fibro fog finds himself unable to remember what he was saying or what he just saw. A problem that (besides making you nervous) makes relationships with others, work and everything that requires a minimum of attention difficult.
In summary, therefore, the most evident symptoms of fibro-fog are:

– Sense of confusion
– Mental clouding
– Reduced short-term memory
– Poor concentration
– Difficulty understanding things
– Poor memory of what you just saw or heard
– Difficulty in carrying out even simple actions

Obviously this is a transitory problem which can occur one or more times a day and which usually has a variable duration. Certainly, however, it causes many problems for those who suffer from it. So much so that it often leads to isolation and, in some cases, to depression.

How to act in the presence of fibro-fog

Being a symptom of fibromyalgia, fibro fog does not have a specific cure. However, there are several treatments (the same for the disease) that can reduce it.
To these we can also add expedients which, if repeated often, can help improve the symptoms, reduce them in extent and provide the tools to deal with them when they arise. Among the most important are:

– Perform physical activity to oxygenate the brain
– Read a few pages of a book every day
– Eat in a healthy and balanced way
– Keep the mind trained with exercises of all kinds
– Do meditation or something that relaxes the mind

Obviously, these tricks are not decisive but they can be a valid aid to those suffering from fibro fog, while improving the quality of life .

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