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Fill up on vitamin C with the ACE detox juice

ACE centrifuged

You can consider the Ace juice as one of the quick and easy recipes to eat for breakfast or as a snack. Here’s how it is prepared.

The ACE juice is a tasty drink that allows you to fill up on vitamin C. Perfect for counteracting seasonal ailments such as the first symptoms of a cold, it is really simple to prepare at home. We know that it is also easily found ready in the briquette however the ace centrifuge made at home and consumed immediately is much healthier and more nutritious .

We have already talked in the past about the difference between centrifuge and extract , underlining how the latter is even healthier. In principle, apart from the consistency, between the two preparations there are no major differences so proceed with the machinery you have available without making too many scruples.

ACE centrifuged
ACE centrifuged

How to prepare the recipe for the ACE centrifuge

  1. To prepare the ace centrifuge the doses can vary according to your tastes. Our indications allow you to obtain a balanced drink with an excellent flavor. Having said that, peel the carrot, orange and lemon and cut them into not too small pieces.
  2. At this point, operate the centrifuge (or the extractor) and start adding fruit and vegetables, pressing with the special pestle. You will immediately notice that juice will begin to flow out of one side while the scraps will remain in another container.
  3. Consume your ACE juice with vitamin C immediately.

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The ACE juice has several benefits, all linked to the different vitamins it contains. Vitamin A protects the skin and fights the formation of free radicals, responsible for the formation of any forms of cancer; vitamin C strengthens the immune system and has an energizing function; finally, vitamin E contributes to the health of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.


We advise you to consume your freshly made juice so as to be full of vitamins and prevent them from dispersing in contact with the air.

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