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Flexiterian Diet: a diet that is also good for the Earth

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All the rage especially in America, the Flexiterian diet is also catching on in Italy: let's see how it works and what you eat.

Having become famous in America, where stars like Meghan Markle have adopted it as a lifestyle, the Flexitarian diet is very similar to a vegan regime. Animal proteins are allowed, but minimally and, above all, they must be selected and at km 0. Let's see how it works and what we eat.

Flexiterian diet: what it is and how it works

The Flexitarian diet, conceived by the American nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner , who wrote the book The Flexitarian Diet in 2008 , is a regimen that aims to become a real lifestyle. As its name suggests, it is a flexible way of eating, based on the following proportions: 40% vegetables, 40% whole grains, legumes and seeds and 20% foods of animal origin. Therefore, 80% are vegetarian and require limited consumption of meat, fish, milk and eggs. Furthermore, these foods must be of high quality and zero km . The creator stressed that the purpose of the Flexiterian diet is not only to lose weight, but above all to stay healthy.

This diet provides for a daily caloric intake of 1500 Kcal , divided into: 300 Kcal for breakfast, 400 for lunch, 150 for snacks and 500 for dinner. If you want, you can increase the calories to 1800, making breakfast richer, or go down to 1200 by eliminating snacks. In the first period, the meat must not exceed 700 grams per week with consumption divided over five days. Later it will go down to 500 gr and, finally, to 250 gr. For fish, however, there are no limits.

Advantages and contraindications of the Flexiterian diet

In the Flexiterian diet, to the detriment of animal proteins, seasonal fruit and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and seeds are privileged. Remember that meat, fish and derivatives are allowed for 20% of the diet, therefore it is not a question of completely abolishing this kind of food. Feeding this way you can lose 3/4 kilos in just two weeks.

Unlike other diets, Flexitarian has many advantages . It helps keep the cardiovascular system healthy, control cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure levels and improves the appearance of the skin and hair. If recommended by a doctor, it has no contraindications.

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