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Focaccia with millet flour: soft and fragrant!

Millet focaccia

Millet focaccia is a savory leavened product revisited in perfect gluten-free style, to try and try again!

Are you planning to organize a small party, an aperitif or a dinner in which gluten-intolerant friends will participate? No problem thanks to the millet focaccia recipe, a soft , fluffy leavened product that is perfect for combining with ingredients of all kinds.

If cut into practical cubes , you can serve this focaccia as an appetizer with cold cuts, cheeses and a good glass of wine. Remember, at the time of purchase, to check that all the ingredients you buy are labeled as gluten-free products. What do you think? Are you ready to get your hands dirty?

Millet focaccia
Millet focaccia

Preparation of focaccia with millet flour

  1. Sift the flour and starch into a large bowl, form a fountain and in a jug mix at least 250 ml of water with the yeast, a teaspoon of fine salt and the sugar.
  2. Start kneading by hand or with the mixer fitted with the special hook, work until you obtain a compact dough. Cover with a clean tea towel and let it rise in the turned off oven for a couple of hours to double the volume of the dough.
  3. Take a baking tray, line it with the appropriate paper and spread the leavened dough on it with greasy hands. Emulsify a spoonful of oil with a spoonful of water and brush the surface of the focaccia.
  4. Sprinkle with a little coarse salt and the rosemary needles. Bake in a preheated oven at 200°C for about 20 minutes . When cooked, remove from the oven, leave to cool and then serve as desired with cold cuts or cheeses of your choice.

Another recipe to try is the gluten-free salted danube .


How to store: the focaccia prepared in this way can be kept in an airtight container for 3-4 days.

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