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Foods against radiation: here are the ones that can help us

woman in the kitchen

We hear more and more about foods that eliminate radiation. Foods that once ingested help the body to purify itself. Let’s find out which are the most famous.

When on talks about foods that eliminate radiation, we mean those foods that are able, among other things, to purify the blood and detoxify the body . It is therefore a kind of natural protection that in times when you live surrounded by radiation of all kinds (just think of those from cell phones), is always positive. Foods that, therefore, it is always good to know in order to include them in your diet .

What are the foods that purify the blood

It is now well known that food performs various functions in addition to nutritional ones.

woman in the kitchen
woman in the kitchen

Not for nothing, in recent years, we often hear about super foods and foods that can bring significant benefits to those who eat them. Among the many aspects that can be taken into consideration is how to eliminate toxins from the body in a natural way.

The best known foods in this sense are garlic , onions, beets, green tea, apples, cherries, broccoli and citrus fruits. These, inserted in the daily diet, help the body to purify itself and respond adequately to the presence of radiation.

How to eliminate radiation from the body with “special” foods

Obviously, eating the right foods every day helps but only minimally.
To obtain positive effects one should in fact be able to count on very high quantities that it is not always possible to consume. Fortunately, there are foods that play an even more important role because they are considered true enemies of radiation. Among these we remember the famous Japanese miso, the aforementioned and timeless green tea and turmeric . A spice rich in beneficial properties that can be included in different dishes and that combined with a fat or pepper is even more effective.

Of course, foods such as green tea or turmeric can also be taken in the form of supplements. Unless you have special needs, however, a correct diet, which also includes iodized salt, already represents an excellent defense from common radiation.

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