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Foot scrub: what it is for and how to do it naturally

foot scrub

The foot scrub is very important for the well-being of this area of ​​the body. Find out how to do it at home with natural products.

Those who care about their body know well how dedicating themselves to the well-being of the feet is essential. There are several ways to do this and among these, one of the most important is the foot scrub. Through this technique it is in fact possible to eliminate dead cells, reactivate circulation and obtain softer skin. What matters is to use products that are as healthy as possible, such as household ones.

DIY foot scrub: how to do it

To be able to count on an effective scrub it is important to make a foot scrub cream that must be based on ingredients capable of exfoliating the area.

foot scrub
foot scrub

A classic example is for example that of the natural foot scrub to be made at home with baking soda . In this way, a good exfoliating base is already obtained which, when rubbed on the feet and especially on the rougher areas, leads the dead cells to fall and the skin to regenerate. All for a treatment that everyone should do in order to feel lighter and in better shape.

Homemade Scrub Recipes That Work

Making a foot scrub cream isn’t difficult at all. And often it can be prepared based on ingredients that are already available at home, thus obtaining a good saving.

Among the most suitable is the one based on coffee, excellent for stimulating circulation. To make it, just combine two tablespoons of coffee powder (coffee grounds are fine to save money) with a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of water. Another great recipe is the one based on milk and oatmeal . Excellent for sensitive skin and able to gently exfoliate the skin. Sugar and honey mixed together are ideal for when you don’t have time but want the best results. In fact, together they give hydration. Not to mention that honey is also an excellent cicatrizant.

Once you have found the remedy with which you feel most at ease, the advice is to repeat it two to three times a week or, if you really don’t have the time, at least once. As for the most suitable time, this is always after a shower or bath, when the skin is softer and more receptive to treatment. Alternatively any other time will do.

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