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Fregoli syndrome: what it is, how to recognize it and what are the treatments

frightened woman

Fregoli syndrome is a psychiatric illness that leads one to believe that relatives and friends are capable of turning into strangers. Let's find out better and understand how to cure it.

In psychiatry there are diseases that are less known but deserve special attention. Among the many is the Fregoli syndrome , a disease which, unlike the Capgras syndrome, leads one to believe that friends, relatives and loved ones or neighbors know how to transform themselves into strangers.
It is a disease that leads to a deep sense of bewilderment , fear and loneliness. This is why it is really important to learn to recognize it in order to implement the most correct treatment and able to offer a better lifestyle to those who suffer from it.

Fregoli syndrome: origin of the name and meaning

Let's start by saying that this syndrome, which has the particularity of affecting both humans and animals, was discovered in 1927. It was named after two French psychiatrists named Paul Courbon and Gustave Fail. The name "Fregoli" seems to have been chosen in reference to the actor and director also known for being a quick-change artist.

frightened woman
frightened woman

When it occurs, those who suffer from it feel in danger, threatened and, in some cases, persecuted by someone who continues to replace other people, thus taking the place of their loved ones. In general, this individual is perceived as unique and experienced, therefore, as a real persecution.
This leads those who suffer from it to have aggressive attitudes towards the person they perceive as transformed. In some cases, they can even become dangerous, going from verbal threats to actual acts of aggression. For this reason it is very important to treat those who suffer from it as soon as possible.

Fregoli syndrome: what are the treatments

Fregoli syndrome, also known as fregolism or Fregoli delirium is often associated with various pathologies. Among these the most common are:

– Psychiatric pathologies of various kinds
– Brain tumors
– Addiction to drugs
– Lesions of the frontal lobe
– Stroke
– Lesions of the temporal lobe
– Aneurysms
– Taking medications such as Levodopa (which cures Parkinson's disease )

Going to treatment, generally the right therapy is the one based on a combination of drugs and psychotherapy. The choice of how to act specifically obviously depends on the extent of the symptoms and the reactions of those who suffer from it. Particularly considered are the episodes of violence that often characterize those suffering from this disease and which in some cases can become extremely violent and also affect health personnel.

It is also important to know that in some cases, the psychiatrist may request the involvement of family and friends. In fact, those who suffer from Fregoli's syndrome find themselves almost never aware of their disease. Furthermore, the belief that loved ones are transformed into others (or even worse into someone who persecutes them) makes their participation in therapy a good way to learn to become familiar with the problem and, over time, to recognize it.

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