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French fries in air fryer

chips in air fryer

You can make air fryer fries using either fresh potatoes or frozen fries. That's how.

Having perfect French fries while reducing the amount of fat as much as possible is one of the reasons that pushed many of us to buy the air fryer . Once positioned in the kitchen, however, it is completely natural to wonder how to prepare chips in the air fryer, whether you use frozen ones or starting from scratch with fresh ones.

In both cases the process is really simple and the result worthy of the best fast food restaurants . In short, fried potatoes in an air fryer alone represent a good reason to have this appliance. However, if in the case of pre-cooked chips the matter is really simple, with fresh ones there are a couple of tricks that are worth knowing and we are about to reveal them to you.

chips in air fryer
chips in air fryer

How to make frozen french fries in an air fryer

  1. Pour a quantity of still frozen chips into the basket such as to create a layer that is not too thick.
  2. Cook them at 200°C for 12 minutes , without adding oil, shaking them halfway through cooking.
  3. Serve hot, seasoning them to taste with a pinch of salt.

How to make fresh french fries in the air fryer

  1. First, peel the potatoes and rinse them under cold water.
  2. With the help of a sharp knife or the appropriate tool, cut 1.5 cm sticks and place them in a bowl filled with cold water. Leave them for 30 minutes so that they lose some of their starch and are nice and crunchy once cooked.
  3. After drying them with kitchen paper, put them back in a bowl and season them with oil and salt. If you like, you can also add other spices such as paprika or aromatic herbs such as rosemary.
  4. Pour them into the air fryer basket and cook them at 200°C for 20-25 minutes , shaking them halfway through cooking. Then check that they are well cooked and golden, extending the timer by a few minutes if necessary, then serve them.
Infographic on how to prepare fries in an air fryer

You will discover that air fryer chips are truly delicious as well as much lighter than traditionalFrench fries . Furthermore, still using this tuber, you can try your hand at the air fryer potato recipe, perfect as a side dish for your meat main courses.


Air fryer fries should be enjoyed as soon as they are made .

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