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French sizes vs Italian sizes: the differences and how to choose them

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Have you seen a garment from a French brand but don't know which size is the right one? Here's how to compare them to the Italian ones and not make mistakes

Today our desire to go shopping can really reach anywhere, but just like a trip, you need an adequate instruction booklet. Yes, because when we come across the purchase of foreign and trendy brand garments, once we have identified what we want to buy when selecting the right size, there is a certain skepticism that returns promptly. If you've spotted a French brand but don't know how to choose the right size, here's how you can compare it with the Italian ones and figure out which one is right for you.

French and Italian sizes: what are the differences and how to convert them

The peculiarity of the French sizes is that they are petit or tend to be much smaller than the Italian ones . It will therefore be essential to understand how the conversion works, a method that we actually already apply when it comes to making a comparison between the Italian and European sizes of well-known brands such as Zara or Bershka.

In the case of French sizes, the formula to follow will be a minus 2 to be applied to the Italian size to obtain the French size suitable for us. An example: our 38 becomes a 36, ​​a 40 becomes a 36, ​​a 42 becomes 38 and so on, a game that could even amuse you, because you know how to read a few sizes smaller is always nice. However, this is only for some garments, because instead for trousers there is a need for a little in-depth analysis.

French size pants: from Italian to US sizes

Oh yes, to identify your ideal French size trousers it is essential to understand what your American size is: you will have to mainly take the reference one, starting from the two fundamental variables: W, which stands for waist and corresponds to the waist and L, length , that would be the length of the leg. Once we have them, we can move on to converting to French sizes.

Low waist pants
Low waist pants

When comparing American and French sizes, you go by two and only use even numbers. Each size corresponds to 2 W, so if your size is W24 or a W25, your French size should be a 34, W26 or W27 instead a 36 and so on. It seems difficult, but in the end you will see that all these calculations will become automatic and immediate. Online perhaps there can always be some greater risk of error at the beginning, so our advice perhaps is to test live first to be sure. One more reason to treat yourself to a trip to France and go shopping among the wonderful French boutiques!

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