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From balaclava to leather belt: the trendiest accessories to show off in winter 2023

Fall/Winter look

Certainly useful, indispensable that they are also practical but also beautiful and original: this is how the winter 2023 trends identify the must-have accessories

We know well how much a well-chosen necklace can make a dress or sweater even more precious or how a hat can help us personalize our look and enhance our taste for fashion even more: in short, the poetics of accessories is a language that it can even rock a look. That's why by taking advantage of the sales and identifying which accessories are on trend for this winter 2023, we can choose which ones to add to our wishlist to configure a trendy look according to our personal taste.

Must-have winter 2023 accessories: hat, bucket or balaclava? Or maybe both!

The hat is an undisputed star of this 2023 winter season: alongside the wide-brimmed hat, loved by posh fashion addicts , the scene of many fashion shows – above all Balenciaga – was dominated by the balaclava , also acclaimed in the fashion campaigns of Gucci . Better known to all as a balaclava, this year it has turned into a real accessory of desire: practical, because it dispenses with the use of a scarf, but also an accessory of mystery, especially if worn with a pair of maxi glasses.

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The same could be said of the fisherman hat, which is much more fashionable to call a bucket hat . Back in vogue with the fever of the 90s revival last summer which then ferried us towards the trends of the 2000s, in its winter version it is proposed again in velvet or teddy, in any case very soft and determined to establish itself in the street wear culture that is tinged with chic, just as it is ready to approach pop rock looks.

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The leather belt to enhance the silhouette and the clutch bag to hold on to the arm

The belt has once again become an indispensable accessory: perfect for enhancing or embellishing a dress, as well as for giving an oversized sweater the possibility of being worn as a dress over a pair of leggings, highlighting the hips.

In leather or leather effect, it is back in plain sight also thanks to the trend of sweaters and cropped tops, which is why, in addition to minimal models, maxi belts with flashy applications are more desired than ever. And it can also be worn on jackets and blazers… more must-haves than that!

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And the bag? In the casual wardrobe of office looks , next to the shoulder bag, there is also room for the maxi pochette bag to carry under the arm, a very welcome and glam model when we don't need to carry anything but the bare essentials … at least to have on hand .

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