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From black and nude evergreens to patterned models: how to match stockings


Ultra feminine, elegant and fun when needed: this is how tights and stockings can enhance our looks

In recent years, stockings and tights have been experiencing a lucky season: in fact, there is no season in which fashion fails to suggest how to wear them and show us how much they can make a difference on a look, making it jaunty, lively, sexy or casual depending on our needs. It's not always the color that makes the difference but also the increasingly sophisticated texture and patterns, as well as the models. Under the generic appellation of hosiery, in fact, we have to consider that tights but also socks and knee-highs fall under the season: in fact, the time has truly passed when we used to associate hosiery solely with winter, because they are no longer limited to protecting or warming the skin but wearing them is synonymous with trend.

Tights, stockings and knee-highs: when and how the different models are worn

Tights have been worn since childhood and from that moment on they have never been abandoned: if as children, mothers choose models with cutie and colorful patterns for us, when we grow up we do not abandon them but our attention falls on sophisticated, precious and naturally evergreens that go well with everything, black and nude.


Before tights, however, there were hold-ups, which certainly still retain a certain charm, sensuality but also practicality today: unlike tights, in fact, these are two long and separate stockings, embellished at the edges with lace, bows for the brides, but also simple and can also be worn with a garter belt to make sure they don't go down. One reason why tights are often preferred anyway.

Black stockings
Black stockings

These two models of stockings, the most glamorous and feminine of all, can be worn with practically everything: the simpler and more double ones can also be worn under a pair of trousers in winter, the thinner but perhaps decorated ones can also be worn under a trousers with rips, to personalize it even more. Today we find tights in many models: striped, polka dot, striped, with glitter, rhinestones or lurex details, because fashion looks at them as a perfect accessory to personalize our outfits more and more.

polka dot pantyhose stockings

There are also variations. For the winter season, the hold-ups become wool or cashmere, for the mid-seasons in cotton: they are the stockings, a romantic model created to be worn with a pair of below-the-knee boots or with a pair of ankle boots or amphibians for those looking for sporty allure.


Do not forget also socks and socks that now go far beyond the classic white and striped models: nerds, cuties but also finely knitted models, also embellished with applications, perfect to wear with moccasins and low-necked shoes, to give our look a touch of unexpected vibrancy or glam. Also in this case we can find them in soft and warm fabrics in winter, thin and transparent for summer, with lengths ranging from the ankle to below the knees.

Colored nuances, patterns and sophisticated textures: how they go together

Once we have identified all the models we have available to enhance our look with stockings, tights and socks, we can indulge ourselves with colors and combinations. Colored tights are the ones to be combined with more attention: unless they are dark colors such as blue or brown, in the case of pink or red, choose clothing in basic colors or combining them with complementary colors, so as not to overdo it with the multicolor effect.

Red tights

Among the textures that never fade are fishnet stockings, which for a few years have been joined by more sophisticated black models with rhinestones, lettering and glitter, models that are now worn well beyond evening events and occasions, because they are perfect to illuminate a total black for example.

Fishnet stockings

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