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From Milan Fashion Week to Halloween it’s a moment: gothic and scary make-up on the catwalk

Make up Halloween

If you are looking for Halloween makeup inspo, inspiration has just been served on the catwalk: from Gucci to Versace the trend is terrifying

Terror , fear , magic , are elements that have always fascinated as shown by the production of series and themed films that even in recent times have always confirmed a solid following. Then there are the cult Gremlins , Shining to name a few, where the eyes are the focus and are enough to terrify: this is the make-up lesson that Milan Fashion Week has shown on the catwalk. The guest stars of this masterclass were Versace, first of all but also Gucci and Prada, so fitting for the upcoming Halloween that they can steal from summer trends and anticipate.

Make up Halloween 2022: Prada's reverse lashes and Versace's black and violet beauty look

At Halloween, we know that make-up is as essential as the costume, indeed: even a simple black witch dress with an exaggerated make-up can be even more terrifying, just think of the colored and made-up faces of the Halloween masks in Mexican style , where face make-up alone is enough to say Trick or treat .

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Refined witches like Malificent inspire Versace 's terrifying and terrifying beauty look. In fact, purple and black dominate to be mixed with each other or to be chosen individually, colors of the night and of the mystery of which Bella Hadid 's make-up and look are the strongest image we keep of the show. A themed look that a fashion addicted can certainly steal and personalize. Sensual, impactful and as a new bride corpse in very pery.

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Eyeliner is another focus that characterized Versace's beauty look: double, long, a little dilapidated and even with a smudged effect mixed with a purple or black eyeshadow for those who want to dare. Also in this case it is the other sister Hadid, Gigi , who gives us a decidedly gothic and total black look like a modern-day witch, a little warrior a little priestess.

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And if you want to be even more terrifying, mix with Prada 's maxi reverse lashes: white or black false lashes to be put upside down under the eye to add an alien touch to your make-up. A little bit of a witch, a little bit of an alien, a little bit of a mystery creature, Halloween is an opportunity to have fun and experiment, exaggerating the everyday or distorting it.

Pale and luminous: the white and terrifying make-up by Gucci

On the other hand, the make-up that we saw going on the catwalk of the Twinsburg by Gucci is differently terrifying, a reference to the figure of the twins who from The Shining to today have terrified and influenced the collective imagination of fear. In this case, the concept of the beauty look is not so much exaggerating the details, as it seeks a phantom pallor.

Fundamental to replicate this make-up is to choose a foundation as light as possible compared to our skin tone to turn pale, dare with powder, choose very light eyeshadows and at the most choose a red lipstick that creates a strong contrast with the general pallor to be obtained. Alternatively you can emphasize the contrast with the whiteness of the face with a pink cream blush to be applied in strategic points of the face, for a porcelain doll effect.

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