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From the jacket to the bomber jacket, the army style becomes sporty-chic: at least one military green garment stands out on the must-have list

Military style shirt

Army style stands out among the winter 2023 trends: jackets and bomber jackets dominate the scene, from the catwalk to our wardrobe

There is also a Y2K legacy in the army style: the military green texture once again stands out among the season's trends, not only in the colors and patterns but also declined in jackets and bomber jackets that are worn in a purely sporty and street style or in chic key, it is in fact the outerwear that has entered the must-have list. And thanks again to the sales and the last few drops, if you still haven't gotten around to the crop bomber in the down or jacket version or are thinking of a trend to show off even in spring, it's worth hurrying up and including a military green jacket among your fashion priorities.

Winter 2023 trends: from Prada to Givenchy, the new street chic identity of the military jacket

Functional, mimetic, sporty, this is how the military style reaches from its origins to today: if in summer it captures above all in its camouflage version, in winter it plays at deconstructing its shades, passing from the darkest military green to chocolate, veering towards khaki or mud. This is the palette that has been spotted on the high fashion catwalks, starting with Prada which, traveling on an oversized fit, offers the leather biker jacket in an army version that also becomes a bit of a blazer.

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– Military chic combinations tend to play above all by mixing textures, it happens at Prada but also at Givenchy , which mixes bottle military green with accessories in chocolate nuances, recalling the camouflage trend. The absolute protagonist is the bomber jacket, shiny and chic with velvet details in a game of contrasts between nuances and fabrics.

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How to combine the military green jacket: jeans, trousers, miniskirts, nuances and mix and match

Playfulness: this seems to be the key suggested by the catwalks and fashion campaigns for wearing a military jacket, playing with the combination of different fabrics, from leather garments to knitwear, to create a camouflage outfit with an ever-changing style: sporty, chic, street and even elegant, we choose which direction to give to our look.

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Would you ever say that a total look in military green can also be bon ton? Max Mara offers its iconic long peacoat in this nuance and combines it with a sweater, shirt and a pleated miniskirt with minimal and precious matching applications, which give the outfit a surprising luminosity. Max and Co. instead it surprises with a long military green camouflage patchwork effect skirt, a pair of Texans and a blouse, thus softening the rendering of this texture in an elegant key.

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A combination that you can always count on is the pair of jeans + military green, whatever the shade you want to bet on. If you want to balance the nuances and not have excessive contrasts, the advice is to combine dark denim washes with dark military colors and light washes with the more delicate and pastel ones.

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