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From the Pandemic, a new push towards the demand for beauty + 30% of aesthetic treatments

LaserHouse Serena

4 out of 10 are requested by young people under 30, 61% seek advice from beauty influencers

The fear of the virus and the pandemic have not slowed down the growth in demand for treatments dedicated to the well-being of Italians, who even during the months of lockdown and partial closures have continued to request services dedicated to the person, body care and beauty.

According to the Codacons, in Italy it is estimated that in the last two years there are about 5 million people who have resorted to beauty treatments or interventions to improve their physical appearance, an increase of + 30% compared to the previous period. Of these, 80% of requests concern non-invasive interventions, which also include treatments that can be practiced in beauty centers . As proof of the growth of this trend, there is also the increased interest in aesthetic services both on the part of men and on the part of younger sections of the population, probably driven by models ever closer to perfection present on social networks. In detail, 70% of customers are women, 30% men, and 4 out of 10 patients are under the age of 30 .

In a period in which the issues of prevention and health protection are increasingly at the center of public interest and also involve young people so much, therefore, it becomes increasingly important to safeguard one’s personal well-being and do it in complete safety.

Precisely to convey to young people the importance of undergoing this type of treatments only in safety and always being able to count on the possibility of a free medical opinion, LaserHouse , a chain of beauty centers specialized in laser treatments, offers its customers the professionalism of experts of the LaserMilano medical clinics, a chain that is now an absolute reference in the Milan area in terms of medicine and cosmetic surgery.


On the occasion of the opening of a new beauty center in Milan, in Corso Buenos Aires 75, on April 9 LaserHouse will host the two social influencers Ihlari Fine , expert in microblading, and Serena Patron Serefitfun , digital creator promoter of healthy eating and style of active life, which will bring to the attention of the staff and doctors who will participate in the event the doubts and curiosities coming from the social world on well-being and beauty treatments. Customers attending the inauguration event will have the opportunity to directly ask questions to the experts.

LaserHouse Serena

According to data from the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) report, Italy is among the top 10 countries in the world for the number of surgeries performed, with numbers growing precisely as regards “non-invasive” operations. According to Emanuele Locatelli, Commercial Director of Gestimed Italia, a company active in the beauty sector and present in Milan with the LaserHouse and LaserMilano Medical Center chains: “We are talking mainly about treatments already offered in beauty centers, which can be performed by beauticians, within the economic reach of all of which do not involve periods of convalescence. Precisely for this reason, it is always the youngest who request it. By inviting two influencers who are considered models in terms of beauty and wellness to our center, we want to underline how important it is that these treatments are performed by expert personnel. The possibility of choosing an aesthetic treatment on the basis of medical advice is a guarantee on the efficacy and safety of the treatments “.

According to a research conducted by Buzzoole, in fact, people are increasingly turning to beauty influencers to choose beauty treatments and products because they offer advice to follow (61%) and are experts from whom to receive information (50%).

“The interest of younger generations in non-invasive aesthetic treatments – says Dr. Genny Litzman, doctor of LaserMilano) – testifies to important changes in lifestyles, also marked by some novel factors such as the pervasiveness and influence of social media in everyday life, which have introduced new standards of beauty. But we also register a real desire to restart and the will to find a new psychophysical balance. Precisely to guide users’ demand towards the right solutions in the best possible way, LaserHouse customers can always count on a free medical opinion, particularly important in the case of younger people “.

  • The inaugural event of the new LaserHouse center is scheduled for April 9, 2022 , from 10.00 to 18.00, in Corso Buenos Aires 75, in Milan.
  • It is possible to register for the event on opening -corso-buenos-aires-milano/

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