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Fruit diet: how it works and what is important to know about it

fruit diet

The fruit diet, also known as the California diet, is one of the most followed at the moment. Let’s find out how it works and what are the strengths and weaknesses that it is important to know.

When we talk about the fruit diet we mean that food approach that has been famous for years which lasts a maximum of three days and which allows you to lose weight quickly. As the name suggests it is a diet that excludes many foods. Initially born only with the consumption of grapefruit, it has gradually evolved by inserting other foods so much that today it is better known as the fruit and vegetable diet.

Fruit diet: how much weight you lose and how it works

The fruit-based diet allows you to lose weight even 1 kg per day.

fruit diet
fruit diet

As already mentioned, it is a diet with only fruit and vegetables and which additionally includes little oil and small quantities of yogurt. A diet that is consequently rather unbalanced and which for this reason cannot be followed for more than three days as it is prolonged over time and is dangerous for the body.

Among its advantages it certainly has that of deflating the belly and giving a sense of lightness to those who choose to follow it in the correct way. As for what you eat, the meals are small and are distributed throughout the day alternating between dishes of cooked or raw vegetables seasoned with only oil and fruit juices or smoothies with the addition of yogurt.

Contraindications to know

Obviously, losing weight by eating fruits and vegetables is not the best way forward. Although the diet with fruits and vegetables helps to deflate, it is in fact able to make you lose only fluids that will soon be recovered once the diet is interrupted. As we know by now, to lose real weight and therefore fat mass it is necessary to consume balanced meals (as happens for example in the zone diet ) and without ever excluding good proteins and fats.

Furthermore, it should be considered that fruit is rich in sugar and that consuming only this for three days can be harmful to those suffering from diabetes , insulin resistance or other diseases such as, for example, irritable colon.
If the desire is to lose weight, the advice is therefore to contact a good nutritionist who knows how to insert all the essential macro nutrients, promoting weight loss and keeping intact the lean mass and the energy needed to better live the life of everyday.

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