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Galician or Galician octopus: a mix of flavors in the Spanish recipe

Galician octopus

From Spain comes the recipe for the typical dish called octopus alla Galiga, to be served as an appetizer with lots of bold flavours.

Galician octopus, also known as "Galician octopus", is a typical Spanish dish. Traditionally it is served as a tapa , or rather as a snack, and – in fact – it can be the perfect appetizer to start a meal or to enrich an aperitif. If you really like it, however, you can serve it in larger portions as a second course. The recipe is very simple and the main ingredient is octopus, which is boiled and made very soft . The fish is presented on a potato base and flavored with typical ingredients of this cuisine. To be flavorful, it serves a mix of sweet paprika and hot chili peppers . In this way, the octopus will be really delicious!

Galician octopus
Galician octopus

Preparation of the recipe for the Galician octopus

  1. Before starting, wash the octopus under running water and clean it.
  2. Fill a saucepan with water, add the coarse salt and half an onion; put on the fire and bring to a boil.
  3. At this point, dip the tentacles 2-3 times in water (holding it by the head), so that they curl up.
  4. Then, let the octopus boil in water for about 50 minutes . Check that the meat is soft and you can turn it off.
  5. Drain the octopus, keeping the cooking water in the pot.
  6. Peel the potatoes and cut them into rounds , quite thin. Immerse them in the octopus cooking water and boil for 5 minutes over medium heat.
  7. At the end, drain them and let them cool.
  8. In a bowl, pour the oil and a pinch of salt; add the chopped chilli and sweet paprika.
  9. Add the chopped parsley to the mixture and mix.
  10. You can proceed with the composition, first arranging the potatoes on a serving plate, one next to the other.
  11. Cut the octopus into pieces and put it on the potatoes. Finally, season with the mixture of spices and herbs. The dish is ready to be served.


The Galician octopus is very tasty and perfect for an aperitif or as an appetizer. You can keep it for 2 days , in the fridge and closed in an airtight container.

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