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Generalized anxiety: how to overcome the fear of living?

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When do we talk about generalized anxiety? Let's see when the symptoms lead to define it as such and what are the most effective treatments.

Generalized anxiety is a psychological disorder that can also be quite disabling. Generally, it presents with clear symptoms, which can hardly be confused with another pathology. Let's see what are the causes and, above all, what are the most effective remedies to defeat it.

Generalized anxiety: causes and symptoms

Generalized anxiety is defined as a disorder that occurs constantly in a person's life. It is defined generalized precisely because anxiety does not involve a single aspect of existence, but reflects the whole of everyday life. Usually, this psychiatric condition is accompanied by other mood disorders, panic attacks and depression. It can also occur every day and be linked to the most diverse reasons: from a problem at work to family tensions, passing through the economic situation. Whatever the triggering factor, the subjects who experience it always have a certain fear of the future and a tension or restlessness that they can hardly control.

Generalized anxiety has clear symptoms : palpitations, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, agitation, dry mouth, difficulty breathing, choking sensation, chest discomfort, nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, unsteadiness, lightheadedness, feeling of losing the control or going crazy and fear of dying. In addition, chronic anxiety has other symptoms: hot flashes, chills, numbness, tingling, muscle tension, restlessness, inability to relax, nervousness, a lumpy feeling in the throat, difficulty swallowing, irritability, and sleep disturbances.

Chronic anxiety: cure

You can live without generalized anxiety, as long as you decide to undertake a course of psychotherapy. Drugs alone are useless: the disorder must be addressed and gutted to the root. It is good to ask for help from a cognitive behavioral psychotherapist who, eventually, will also recommend a psychiatrist's support. It is the latter, where needed, to prescribe psychotropic drugs.

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